Gossip Girl – “Bad News Blair”

“Bad News Blair”

October 10th, 2007

I really don’t have too much to say about this decent fourth outing for Gossip Girl, but I felt it was important to recognize that the series is the first to receive a full season order. The CW has a lot of faith that its little teen drama that could will grow with DVR ratings, iTunes and word of mouth. From my experience, everyone is decidedly not talking about Gossip Girl, but I think the show deserves a shot at growing.

This particular episode was actually fairly gutsy, proving once and for all that despite its title Gossip Girl has balls. It managed to keep Serena and Blair friends at episode’s end despite their fashion model meltdown, something which the previews seemed to make impossible. It also continued Dan Humphrey’s “coming out” into the Upper East Side with his first interaction with Blair, and spent considerable time with Dan and Serena’s parental units interacting over a painting.

This is all well and good, but I think that the characters are appearing a bit too thin at this point. Blair, in particular, needs to do something to prove that she’s not just another bitchy character. When she was criticized by the photographer for being too prim and stiff, I don’t think Leighton Meester was acting: her entire character has been that way. It’s like what Summer Roberts was supposed to be, on the page, before Rachel Bilson breathed life into her. I’m still waiting to see that life here.

And while the Dan/Serena pairing is fine and good, and I liked how Dan’s own relationship with his mother connected his storyline with his father’s, this teasing is going a bit too far: just let them have a date so we can see if they have any chemistry. I also missed Eric and Jenny in this episode: I get why they were cut (To focus characterization on Serena and Dan), but Serena’s development was minimal. I’m still waiting for her to gain dimension outside of her bad girl past.

But, now the show has time: my expectations are high for the series now that it has its full season, because it can start planning for the future. Much like The O.C., I’m expecting them to paint some realistic arcs for these characters outside of the back and forth between Blair and Serena. Here’s hoping that this actually comes to pass.

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