Dexter – “See-Through”


October 21st, 2007

The second season of Dexter is based on a basic irony: its title character walks through Miami while people offer opinions of the Bay Harbor Butcher without knowing he’s right in front of them. I’m glad that in this episode Dexter finally admitted how annoying it’s getting, because I would tend to agree. It was engaging for one episode, maybe, but now it’s simply getting repetitive.

Actually, a lot of things are getting repetitive with Dexter. La Guerta’s replacement remains a true incompetent, almost becoming a parody of herself in her quest to reveal her husband’s indiscretion. Deb continues to face her Ice Truck Killer hangups, and Rita continues to be socially awkward with relatives or anyone other than Dexter. I worry that the drug addiction parallel is already getting repetitive after just a single episode, as the sponsor’s speeches were almost groan inducing.

This is not to say that Dexter is losing all of its quality: certain elements of the show remain intact. But the concern right now is that in providing us a greater window into Dexter’s mind, beginning to have other characters relate to him in new ways, the show is going for the easy kill as opposed to the subtle development.

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I don’t know how I feel about Dexter’s sponsor: it’s a rather alarming plot device in that it puts us dangerously close to Dexter and has a lot of impact on his character. Dexter’s cold and calculating side is perhaps my favourite side of all, but the show is currently tearing that down at a rather alarming pace.

I say this especially because the rest of the show is seriously struggling to pull things together. Doakes is off being renegade, La Guerta was sleeping with Pascal’s fiance (Which I actually like, but rings a little untrue), and Rita is pretty much getting nothing to do. There just doesn’t seem to be anything moving in a really interesting direction but Dexter, and that one has some serious issues.

With the Bay Harbor Butcher being turned into a renegade by the media and a Halloween costume by Rita’s mother, Dexter is starting to believe his own press and is starting to make rash decisions that are very unlike Dexter. As he starts to lose hope in his own innocence, I can’t help but feel this is just a repetitive cycle.

Cultural Observations

  • Wow, way to lay it on thick with Rita’s anti-Butcher rhetoric, folks. I get that Dexter is an awkward position, you don’t need to turn Rita into a 100-ton weight.
  • Prediction: Dexter frames his sponsor as the Bay Harbor Butcher.
  • This is our first glimpse of Harry in a while, now: it’s great to see Remar back, and a return to Dexter’s past as opposed to his more recent developments.
  • Deb’s sexual escapades with her gym buddy were actually rather humorous, and worthwhile. Unfortunately, they’re foreshadowing her hooking up with her boss, which no.
  • I haven’t taken Pascal seriously since the season began, which is really a rather unfortunate writing flaw.
  • What was with Angel Batista totally hitting on that dead guy’s wife? I know it got the result, but he was so macking on her.
  • I enjoyed La Guerta sleeping with Pascal’s fiance the more I thought about it: it’s increasingly conniving of her, and I must admit it’s kind of fantastic. That being said, it’s also an odd little development that doesn’t really connect with the big picture.
  • Masuka’s rocks thing seems like yet another “Oh wow, they’ve almost got Dexter” development that is pretty well guaranteed to get swept under the rug with time.

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