Brothers & Sisters – “Something New”

“Something New”

November 25th, 2007

Oh, irony of ironies: you see, tonight’s episode of Brothers & Sisters really didn’t live up to this particular wedding superstition. I don’t know about the blue side of the equation, but the old was certainly in full force in certain parts of this week’s developments. In fact, many characters are just falling right back into past pitfalls, just like any other soap opera out there.

However, let’s remember what sets this show apart from, say, Desperate Housewives: the assembled talent (Including, this week, the added talents of Chevy Chase) have a way of taking this material and turning it into something far more engaging. In the end, I’d say that the pitfalls were perhaps more apparent this week than in weeks previous.

Take for example, Kevin deciding to dump Jason and get together with Scotty. I was convinced that Scotty had been deleting Jason’s messages, and that the cancellation of Viva Laughlin would result in Jason McAllister’s return sooner rather than later – so, to an extent, this development was surprising. Except that it really wasn’t: it’s exactly Kevin’s flawed and indecisive character, and part of me was hoping he had actually changed a little.

The title of the episode actually refers to Kitty’s ongoing wedding saga. She spends the episode searching for something new in her recycled wedding with a husband-to-be who has already been around the horn. In the end, she finally decides to chuck her mother’s recycled gown out the window and buy “the” dress new off the rack. And then Lyle Lovett shows up – yeah, I don’t get it either, but either way it seems to make Kitty happy.

Otherwise, things go back to the old for most everyone else: Justin gets back on the dating horse by starting to see Lena (Who doesn’t seem to know that Justin and Tommy are brothers, which awkward), Nora contacts her “first” via email and he ends up being a largely unfunny yet charming Chevy Chase who she invites to Kitty’s wedding, and Julia returns for a few brief scenes and despite remaining personality-less Tommy returns to her as a doting husband does.

Sarah gets her own paragraph, though, for some rather awesome sniping with Rebecca. I loved the scenes with the three sisters together – Rebecca finally learning that stark honesty is the Walker way was certainly enjoyable, and Sarah’s passive aggressiveness was certainly charming. Sarah also had a date with a business consultant played by Steven Weber, who might be sticking around for a while with his Special Guest Star credit. Rebecca, meanwhile, is having issues with Justin and Lena’s relationship which, just, no – the show is playing with my mind, I’m convinced, because they’ll never play the incest card.

Otherwise, the episode really dealt with a lot of themes we’ve seen in the past – Kitty’s wedding drama isn’t really resonating for me, right now, so this episode didn’t do much. However, we’ve certainly putting together a bomb of sorts for the wedding: Justin bringing Lena is going to create a bomb for certain, and Sol is certainly going to consider bringing Milo. Either way, hopefully things will come to a head in the weeks ahead.

Cultural Observations

  • It’s weird to see Chevy Chase in a largely non-comic role: he was fine, and certainly engaging, but it seems like an odd bit of casting.
  • Also of note: the entire “first sex” experience was hideously awkward, and thus delightful. This fictional family is just really engaging, and scenes like that prove it.
  • I am really curious to see where the series goes from this point – Kitty’s marriage has been the centerpiece all season, so the hope is that they have something to replace it or at least a positive plan moving forward.
  • Okay, this is a late edit, but how has KEVIN never seen (or HEARD of) The Little Mermaid? I don’t buy it, not for one second – this is the man who saw Wicked like 5 times, somehow I don’t think Disney films would have much further removed. Come on, show.

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