Let the Academic Hell Begin: Some Cultural Confessions

Yes, folks, it’s been quite some time now since I have been posting here at Cultural Learnings, and I apologize for that – yesterday was our lowest day in six months, so it’s clear that the lack of productivity is hurting big time. Since I still don’t really have time to put together anything all that impressive (I MAY be back for The Amazing Race tonight, since it’s the only thing on), I thought I’d let you know some of what I would have posted about.

  • Heroes’ finale I probably had time to discuss, but it was just so objectionable that I really didn’t feel like it. I’ve been mulling putting together another post on the series, which might have to wait for the Christmas break when it will be considerably less relevant. In short: finale bad, season bad, interest waning.
  • Having seen the final two episodes of Dexter, I can say that the season ends on a high note…but that doesn’t mean I’m still not frustrated by the show’s inability to put together a cohesive season. They’ve yet to get the middle section right, and to be honest the finale is even a little bit too much of a downer. It’s still one of the strongest shows on television right now, and is likely guaranteed a third season, but I really think that they need to re-evaluate some elements of their story arc structure. Mainly Lila. But, watch for yourself, it’s an exciting two hours of TV.
  • Speaking of Dexter, I’d love to delve into the writer’s strike a little more and try to imagine scenes from the show in neutered forms as CBS is considering repurposing the series (Edited for both time and content) for their strike-riddled schedule. I like this plan, to be honest: stick it after CSI on Thursdays, and I think it could do some good for the series. However, I need there to be a disclaimer that says “This show has been edited, so buy the DVD too you puritan!”
  • I don’t think I ever talked about House’s new team, even though that happened almost two weeks ago. It’s…good? I guess. I loved Anne Dudek in the role of Cutthroat Bitch, so it was disappointing to see her go in some senses, but I think that the team has a lot of potential. However, they REALLY needed to give Chase/Cameron something to do. I fear we’re dangerously close to “Chase and Cameron become the patients and one of them dies, driving the other one back onto House’s team” (Maybe for the Superbowl episode!), and I don’t particularly think we need that storyline.

I’ll be back over the next few days with my Mad Men essay as well as some ways you can pass your time while I am not providing as much distraction as I’d like to.

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