Cultural Listening: The Watchers Podcast

This will be a brief post only due to a bit of a time crunch, but on Monday evening I was the honoured guest of Dave, Devindra and Adam on The Watchers Podcast. While the podcast is mostly focused on film, something more universal for the three normal contributors, my inclusion brought out a bit more TV discussion of shows like 30 Rock and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles…well, it would have if my microphone wasn’t a “JWin” and as a result much of it has been (rightly) cut out. However, some of it remains, so if you desire to hear my terrible for vocal recordings voice, feel free to listen!

The Watchers: Episode 2

Includes discussions of the Writers’ Strike, Fight Club: The Musical, Sunshine, Stephen Chow, and more!

More importantly, however, the three of them provide a fascinating discussion of all things film and entertainment in general – I ended up having to sit out some of their discussions simply because I haven’t seen the films they mentioned and want to without them spoiling it. It’s a great way for me to be guilted into watching films I haven’t really gotten to over time, so it’s definitely something I’ll keep listening to even if I am unable to make it back onto the podcast due to my mic situation.

But, in the meantime, head over to The Watchers, subscribe, and enjoy some fantastic podcasting. I might be back with thoughts on American Idol tonight, but more than likely will simply be back tomorrow with an announcement of sorts. Stay tuned!


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