Who Won The Amazing Race Season 12, and Did They Deserve It?

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[Looking for details on who won Season 13 of The Amazing Race between Nick & Starr, Ken & Tina and Dan & Andrew? Cultural Learnings still has you covered, click here to find out!]

I’ve posted a full recap, but for the sake of further analysis let’s take a look at the question on everyone’s minds:

“Who Won The Amazing Race Season 12?”

It was…

TK & Rachel, the newly dating long distance couple spanning hemispheres for their love. They finished just ahead of Ronald and Christina, and fairly far ahead Nicholas and Donald.

For all the details on how it went down, check out Cultural Learnings’ full recap. However, the real question is whether or not the young spaced out couple deserved to win the race considering the amount of mistakes they made throughout.

And the answer is, ultimately, yes. While the team certainly had a few missteps (Losing a clue in Italy and generally just not being great at navigating), they were able to hang on through the rough patches and put themselves in this position. They came back from rough luck with a hotel clerk booking them a poor flight and survived their Speed Bump heading into the finale. They had all of the momentum, even though they weren’t finishing in first, and the team worked together well.

I’ve always viewed Rachel as a little bit spaced out, but she really stepped up to the plate in this leg. Her performance at the roadblock was smart: she was the only one to stay calm, which is fitting since it was the team’s mantra from day one. The two of them were perhaps the most laidback racers we’ve seen, so it was fun to see TK freaking out driving to the finish line, unable to contain the emotion he bottled up inside himself for weeks.

TK seemed to sell this as nice guys finishing first for a change, but it’s not that they were particularly nice or anything – they were just unemotional, not letting petty squabbling get in the way of their racing. While they fit the young male/female mold of many past race winners, they were just different enough to stand out, and are certainly worth winners.

I think that Ron and Christina were the race’s best story, and their victory might have been the sweetest. However, I think it was a fitting tribute to their changing relationship that her inability to complete the roadblock first didn’t seem to destroy their resolve heading to the pit stop. I really hope that Ron didn’t criticize her after the cameras stopped rolling, because I like to think that he has actually changed. They ran a great race, once they got over their personal hangups, so I hate to have my imagination in some way damage their credibility.

Nicholas and Donald were not the victims of themselves, but rather of killer fatigue: leaving behind a crucial part of the task and Nick’s struggles at the roadblock were simply out of exhaustion. You can only carry around your grandfather on The Amazing Race for so long before it starts to hit you, and it was clear that Nicholas was just working too hard. Donald was a real trooper, and an engaging fellow, but I really hope that this experience has been of value to his grandson in terms of knowing when to calm down and when to maybe step back.

What about you? Did anyone else feel that someone else deserved to win, and are upset that someone who says “Dude” all the time in a non-ironic fashion has taken the million dollar prize to buy more used clothing? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you think.


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6 responses to “Who Won The Amazing Race Season 12, and Did They Deserve It?

  1. tkrachel_hater


  2. tkrachel_hater

    did NO ONE notice that tk and rachel came out of NOWHERE in the second to last episode? the one with the speed bump for them?…

    when the other teams reached the airport after the flight, TK AND RACHEL WERE ALREADY THERE. but the thing is, tk/rachel were still looking for the floating gardens when the other teams went onto the plane.

    SO HOW DID TK AND RACHEL GET THERE SO QUICK? by the time the other teams got there, tk and rachel were already in line? W.T.F

    the show is rigged, they mustve gotten tk/rach a private speed jet to fly them there to get them to catch up. AND THEY ENDED UP WINNING?
    the show is rigged.

  3. If I remember correctly, “hater,” the two teams they passed chose to change over their money before getting into the customs line. Their flight was only slightly behind, and they chose to forego the change over (Or did it elsewhere) and got into line ahead of the other two teams.

    As far as I can tell, no producer shenanigans took place.

  4. Tamara

    I am so glad that TK/Rachel won. I would have been happy with any of the last 3 teams, but I enjoyed their take it as comes attitude. It was nice to see a couple go through this race without yelling at each other about silly stuff.

  5. Tamara, I totally agree – I view it as the equivalent of Kris and Jon winning the race, which unfortunately didn’t actually happen way back in Season…6? I think? Wow, that seems like so long ago, now.

    Regardless, definitely glad to see a team capable of not bickering: and it was Rachel’s calm, no swearing approach that got her through the roadblock, too. A smart strategy, definitely.

  6. Jessyka

    I’m just glad Nate & Jen didn’t win it… I wanted Kynt & Vyxsin to win, but… 😦

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