Greek – “Move on.Cartwrights”

“Move on.Cartwrights”

April 28th, 2008

As Carrie over at Zap2it noted, there was probably nowhere to go but down: after an episode that had me psychoanalyzing characters on an ABC Family series as if it was on HBO, chances are that the next episode of Greek wouldn’t be able to live up to such a high standard. In this situation, a show has two choices: either over-emphasize your dramatic tension or allow for comedy to take over to lighten the load.

Not one to choose sides, Greek decided to have thier cake and eat it too: Casey and Evan provide the dramatic pathos (Admittedly not my favourite storyline for the series right now), and Rusty’s romantic exploitation (Not exploits, exploitation) couples with Dale in order to provide the comedy. Sprinkle with a storyline to justify the existence of Rebecca Logan, and you’ve got an episode that moves on from its hideously awkward episode title to become a moderately successful forty minutes.

First and foremost, hopefully now that Casey has shut the book on Evan the show can shut the book on this relationship. Although their episode of bitterness made him see the error of his ways (Casey, as much as she annoys me, was right on his willingness to give her what she gave him…that came out wrong), there is no future for this pairing: Casey’s “Will she, won’t she?” guy will always be Cappie, and that relationship seems to have real spark: this is something that was never present with Evan, so why even keep promoting that facade?

Either way, it appears that Casey has finally moved on, and I did enjoy that she and Evan both got painted with the brush of being unable to separate their own feelings from those of the people around them. And maybe it’s just me, but Franny certainly seems on the up and up, and even if it is a dramatic ploy to oust Casey, I’d actually rather she her in charge anyways so that Casey gets her comeuppance. ZBZ seems back on its way to social status, although I do wonder whether we’ll ever see the Omega Chi brothers as nearly this “Woo, spirit! Togetherness!” as we saw this week.

Rusty, however, gets a new storyline for a change – considering he’s been almost entirely absent outside of supporting roles to larger frat gatherings (As Carrie pointed out, have we ever seen him independent from Cappie throughout an entire episode?) since Jen K departed the series, it was about time for him to get some time alone. And while his storyline did involve the Greeks in the way that everything in a show called Greek kind of has to, it was charming enough.

Everyone loves a little bit of stalking, and to be honest I don’t think anyone would go so far as to send a care package with a teddy bear with “Study Buddy” on it – the mix tape stuff, however, I can totally see. He went about fifteen steps too far, so it’s kind of unsurprising that Emma would feel awkward about it all. Of course, by episode’s end, the real sparks are with her roommate Tina, an anti-Greek and extremely pushy girl who Dale is scared by, and who therefore makes a perfect match for Rusty. I don’t quite get her end of episode speech (She’s abrasive when she meets new people, but she really likes the kinda creepy and Greek-related Rusty? Huh?), but Rusty needs a new flame no question.

In C-Plot land, things were less interesting – Cappie gets sick, wears an eyepatch, and Rebecca Logan has to live up to Casey, Angel of Mercy, by caring for him. I think the worst punishment I can imagine is having to watch five seasons of Reba, so I feel her pain: of course, it ends up as a bonding moment for the two when we discover that Casey only ever drugged him with cough syrup and went out the window. I, like Rebecca, am frustrated that this creates more respect for Casey, but this particular storyline was mostly just charming filler, which could have been much worse.

So, on the whole: a hopeful resolution, a potential love interest for the future, and proof of the dangers of watching too much Reba – it may not be last week, but it’s good enough.

Cultural Observations

  • I didn’t really note it above, but Dale? Fantastic in this episode. He might have only been on the periphery of Rusty’s storyline, but he was great: whether it was his banter, his purity pledge group award, his frustration with Tina, or his concern over whether Rusty was able to get some Darwin Lied on his mix CD, he was great comic relief. His last storyline trying to turn Calvin straight was a bit off the mark, but he was rock solid here.
  • I love when scenes about serious subjects devolve into comedy, so I greatly enjoyed the progressiveness more violent hand stamping going on from Evan and Casey at the Mixer.
  • Was indelible the word of the day or something? I mean, I knew what it meant, but it seemed an odd word to throw around for the sake of it – it’s actually a nice character note for Rusty, who is supposed to be super smart, but we never really get to see it elsewhere.
  • And, to respond to something over at Zap2it, it does seem odd that Evan would not be president considering how he has been the only vocal individual on, well, every single major decision the house has ever made. My presumption is that Dino was abroad for a semester. And a half. That explains everything…right?

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