And the Winner is…: Brief Thoughts on the Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites Finale

This will be quick, I’m about to collapse out of exhaustion from a long day of graduation festivities, but below the jump some quick thoughts on tonight’s Survivor Finale.

First off, Parvati winning is frustrating if not all that “wrong;” I think she is one of the show’s toughest winners to swallow (Note how the applause was muted in the studio when she won, and that they never actually actively questions or created much drama over the victory for fear of someone blatantly pointing out that people just didn’t like the girl), but she made a few smart strategic moves and is certainly preferable to someone who skated their way through the game.

But seriously, Amanda blows yet another game in the final moments, although this time not as blatantly. She played a good game, but there is something on her conscious (Perhaps, as she says, living the game for over 70 days and being mentally destroyed) that will not allow her to live up to her backstabbing in the way that Parvati can. She deserved to win the game in my books, and it’s unfortunate that in the process she had to make a lot of tough decisions that just somehow painted her a vapid, self-centered floozy who everyone didn’t like.

As far as tribal councils go, more weird than interesting: Erik makes a nice play with giving Amanda the riot act and then voting for her, Ozzy is downright bi-polar going from murderous rage to undying love, and Natalie gets the award for the most awkward question of all time: “So, you’re a real flirt…how does that work for you in the bedroom?” It was just plain weird, and it’s at least nice to see that Reunion Show Natalie seemed just as unhinged.

Reunion show proved mostly boring: Jeff never asked the important questions (Who Cirie would have voted out (Clearly Amanda) had she won immunity, how the jury would have voted if Cirie had been there instead of Parvati, etc.) in favour of pointing out how stupid Erik, Ozzy and Jason were. We get it, Jeff – they were dumb, we’re over it. Show us something we don’t know, at this stage – plus, James is right in that he was clearly not the game’s best player, but Sprint Customers do not perfect judges make.

All in all, an enjoyable if somewhat bitter season of Survivor that, if only for an Amanda victory, would have been held in higher esteem in my eyes. For the fall, a return to Africa AND High-Definition, so I’ll be sucked in again.

Anyone out there watching? Or, more importantly, who actually wanted Parvati to win other than those two excitable girls from her hometown?

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