Lost Season Five Premiere Date: January 21st, 2009


Season Five Premiere Date

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lost will be returning to its Wednesday home when it premieres in an increasingly busy January, perhaps one of the largest “Spring” rollouts in recent memory – it’s scheduled to begin on January 21st with a two-hour event at 8pm.

Now, EW is sketchy on the details – they’re not quite sure if ABC is planning to air the first two episodes of the season back-to-back, or doing their traditional “Clip Show then Premiere” song and dance. Either way, the good news for fans of the show is that it is now going to be returning in only ten short weeks – that’s sooner than the February date some expected, likely because of the extra episode added to the season as a result of the strike-shortened Season Four.

There isn’t, however, any confirmation on what time slot the show will be filling in the year ahead (EDIT: EW is reporting that it is likely to be 9pm, but the plans are subject to change). ABC’s Wednesdays are a bit of a confusing mess these days: there is little indication that Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies will be receiving full season orders, which leaves space on Wednesdays and some room to grow for Private Practice, the only show sticking around for sure.

After the jump, let’s take a look at it’s different time slot options.

8pm just doesn’t work, in my view: not only would it put them, as EW notes, against FOX’s American Idol results show, but it would also be a bit early in the evening for some of Lost’s content. I vaguely remember the show spending some time at eight earlier in its run, but regardless this doesn’t seem like a smart choice.

10pm also seems like a bit of a stretch, especially when we consider that the scheduled premiere doesn’t have Lost airing in the hour at all. The time spent some time there before, but CSI:NY is pretty tough procedural competition.

9pm, therefore, feels like the better slot, but it’s going to be an interesting monster next year: with CBS’ Criminal Minds performing extremely well, and FOX’s new Idol lead-out series Lie to Me set to debut on the same night as Lost, it’s a crowded spot.

It all seems a bit sketchy to me: the night has been considered a “Women’s Night” in every single ABC press release about their ratings, arguing that they win the key demos in the female demographic against higher rated competition. Adding Lost to this equation seems ill-advised.

But, what choice did they really have? Until ABC finalizes their schedule, there’s lots of speculation to be had: does Life on Mars move out of the post-Grey’s Anatomy slot to make way for one of the network’s midseason dramas? Where do they slot in Scrubs and their other midseason comedies? And, with Lost on Wednesdays, is Private Practice bumping to a later timeslot or is it heading to another night entirely?

When ABC announces any more of their scheduling decisions in the weeks ahead, I’ll probably just Twitter them – so, follow along if you wish!

[On a somewhat unrelated note, there’s also word that Reiko Aylesworth (24’s Michelle) will be joining the cast for at least four episodes. Maybe it’s just me, but she could totally play Charlotte’s (Rebecca Mader) sister. Just sayin’.]


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4 responses to “Lost Season Five Premiere Date: January 21st, 2009

  1. TV schedules make my brain hurt.

  2. It’s on at 9pm, they edited it at EW. I’m betting on the clip show at 8.
    I wouldn’t be worried about Lie to Me, it won’t last long.
    I was thinking that it would be wonderful if Pushing Daisies could find some sudden unexpected sucess and be a lead in for Lost. I would enjoy that.
    – izi

  3. Thanks, izi – I would also enjoy if they turned Pushing Daisies into a powerful lead-in, but it seems extremely unlikely. The real question, though, is whether they push Private Practice to 8pm to face off with Idol or if they move it around. That 8pm spot is going to be a TV dead zone, so what ABC uses to try to create a lead-in for Lost should be most interesting.

  4. Heather

    It’s sad that Private Practice is the only current Wed show staying on the air, when Pushing Daisies & Dirty Sexy Money are far better shows. Stupid ratings.

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