Twitter-reviewed: Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters


Once I get this enormously far behind with some of the week’s shows, writing blog posts isn’t really possible – I’d have loved to have dedicated a half hour to ranting about the one-dimesional Grey’s Anatomy, but if I did I wouldn’t have had time to see the tribes finally merge on Survivor.

So, I did what any self-respecting and laptop-owning soul would do: I sat with my laptop, caught up on four shows from this past week, and Tweeted my thoughts. The end result was perhaps an over-explosion of tweets for my poor followers (Sorry! I’ll spread it out more next time), but it’s also some bite-sized thoughts on these episodes.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m not covering some shows, following me on Twitter might just be a great way to continue to have a discourse on them here at Cultural Learnings!

Grey’s Anatomy

Started watching Grey’s, and Alias flashbacks had me pausing it and digging into some media studies essays instead.

Onto ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Melissa George? Decent. Mary McDonnell? A bit one-dimensional. Ghost Denny? Le sigh.

‘Grey’s’: A week after dumping Hahn, introducing two new characters that only have one speed is not going to help the controversy.

‘Grey’s’: I think the Izzie/Denny storyline would have taken a more interesting turn if she had burned down the clinic to erase his memory.

[I didn’t tweet it, but seriously: Ghost Denny is physically real? Ugh.]


‘Survivor’: Sorry, Randy – yes, Matty was being a little crazy too, but you were the one also being completely difficult. You can deal.

‘Survivor’: Really, Randy? Twenty years? This is something you share with the video cameras?

‘Survivor’: Ken’s testosterone power trip is kind of sad – almost as sad as Bob realizing that the idol is already gone.

‘Survivor’: Man, it’s REALLY too bad that Bob’s Idol will go to waste when his biggest threats know the real idol is in play. It’s awesome.

‘Survivor’: If you had told me that this immunity challenge would be such an utter failure…I totally would have believed you.

‘Survivor’: At a certain point, Ken’s bubble is going to burst as quickly as logical thought passes through Sugar’s skull.

Ugly Betty

‘Ugly Betty’: “I smell pluck,” “Come up smelling like a She-Ro,” and a Betty/Marc/Amanda road trip? This half of the show is far better.

‘Ugly Betty’: I’ve decided that Amanda’s stilettos are, in fact, made for awesome.

‘Ugly Betty’: Does anyone actually stress the second syllable of “permit”? Or think this councilperson isn’t a thinly veiled love interest?

‘Ugly Betty’: Bit of a bittersweet ending – this better not be the last we see of @DavidBlue, Marc and Cliff’s storyline deserves more time.

Brothers & Sisters

Why didn’t anyone tell me that Kima Greggs was the birth mother on Brothers & Sisters?! I would have watched this episode sooner.

My, how fitting on Brothers/Sisters: first Greggs as someone who doesn’t want kids, and then Gilmore Girls’ Gypsy as a fortune teller.

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