The McNuttCast: Episode Two – The Juno Awards

mcnuttcastlogoIn this week’s first “normal” edition of The McNuttCast, we can’t entirely get away from talking Battlestar Galactica – while I had the privilege of collaborating with Devindra Hardawar and Meredith Woerner on the epic /Filmcast Series Finale discussion [LINK], the Elder McNutt didn’t get the same chance, so there’s a few minutes of BSG spoilers in here that are clearly marked.

The rest of the show, meanwhile, diversifies beyond television to the world of film, music and video games, as my readers get to see whether I actually know anything about these subjects. We discuss the genius of the Where the Wild Things Are trailer, delve into the latest release from local Canadian artist Joel Plaskett, and discuss the dominance and continued evolution of Nintendo’s current position in the video game market. And, of course, I still find time to discuss the state of NBC bubble shows, the Parks and Recreation testing “controversy” and the ratings for Dollhouse’s “Man on the Street.”

In our feature discussion, coincidentally only a day after 30 Rock made a joke about the Canadian Grammys, we discuss the biggest music-based awards show in Canada, the Juno Awards. Don’t worry, our international listeners: we contextualize our anger, and try to make sure that you don’t view the winners and nominees as representative of the best Canada has to offer.

We’re still working on getting onto iTunes (it’s our weekend project), but in the meantime you can listen and download below – full show notes are after the fold! If you have any comments or questions or suggestions of what you might want us to cover, send us an email: you can reach us through either of our sites, or by emailing us (for me, cultural.learnings @

The McNuttCast: Episode Two – The Juno Awards

Download the MP3 [41m10s – 19mb]




(00:47) – Jimmy Chamberlain leaves the Smashing Pumpkins []

(03:07) – Neil Young Archives Collection gets Release Schedule []

(05:46) – Review: Joel Plaskett’s “Three” [iTunes]


(08:54) – NBC Bubble Shows: Friday Night Lights [Huffington Post], Chuck

(11:46) – Parks and Recreation Test Screening Controversy [Nikki Finke]

(13:59) – BSG Finale [SPOILER WARNING] [My Life’s Work]

(16:11) – Dollhouse “Man on the Street” [My Review]


(17:24) – Wii @ GDC: Storage Solution [], New Zelda for DS []

(19:49) – February NPD [Game Sales] Results [GamaSutra]

(22:37) – Impressions: Legends of Wrestlemania [IGN Review]


(24:49) – Where the Wild Things Are Trailer [YouTube]

(27:01) – Let the Right One In Subtitles Controversy [/Film]

(29:15) – Hayao Miyazaki’s Ponyo on a Cliff gets North American release [/Film]

Feature Discussion

(31:05) – The Juno Awards [Nominees]


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