PaleyFest 09: The Big Bang Theory – Report and Pictures


PaleyFest 09: The Big Bang Theory

April 16th, 2009

[I got the chance to report on last Thursday’s The Big Bang Theory Panel for the good folks at HitFix while I was in California, so below is a bit of a teaser, a link to the story, and after the jump some photos from the event. Enjoy!]

In the interest of full disclosure, I had seen two complete episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” before attending Thursday’s panel discussion as part of PaleyFest 09; however, in the same interest, the panel was more than enough to convince me to rectify this particular injustice as soon as possible.

Most of the reason for this lies in Jim Parsons, whose Sheldon is pretty unanimously considered the show’s breakout character and who made a big splash as comic relief throughout both the early screening of the next new episode of the series, “The Vegas Renormalization,” and the panel discussion. Discussing the show’s key dynamic, co-creator Chuck Lorre was pretty clear on one of the writers’ key missions.

To read the rest of the article, head on over to HitFix – to see some pictures from the event, keep reading!


Moderator Cynthia Littleton gets things started.


Chuck Lorre introduces the screening of the April 27th episode, “The Vegas Renormalization.”


The whole panel.


Bill Prady, Executive Producer, talks about his involvement with the show.


The panel discussed the Hollywood icon who inspired the show’s character names.


Story of the night: Jim Parsons says extremely funny things, and the rest of the panel laughs and laughs.


In particular, Kaley Cuoco was entirely unable to contain herself all night, to the delight of all.


This was part of an absolutely amazing story about the cast renting a boat: this is Kaley noting that she was the one made captain. Chuck Lorre? Not pleased.


I think this was where Kaley wanted to tell a story, but she thought Jim told it better.


Everyone was just losing it at this point – really fun panel.


And we end with one of many point wherein kind things made Kaley Cuoco cry – it was really touching, and hilarious when Parsons called her out on just what she expected to happen at an event designed to celebrate the show.


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