2009 Emmy Award Predictions: Lead Actress in a Comedy Series


Lead Actress in a Comedy Series


Like the Lead Actor race, Lead Actress in a Comedy Series category isn’t particularly deep, although it’s got a bit more room for surprise. Not too much will be different from last year, where the category was a runaway victory for Tina Fey, but there’s one new face and a few old faces that could theoretically enter into the Emmy scramble depending on how the popular vote turns out.

Fey is a lock to return, likely alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mary-Louise Parker who continue to give strong performance and continue to have a lot of pedigree with voters. The other three slots could be filled by other returning nominees Christina Applegate and America Ferrera, but Applegate’s show has been canceled and Ferrera’s show might as well have been with its anemic ratings. However, both actresses are integral to the appeal of their show, and past nominations can only help you in a popular vote driven system.

Very likely to take one of the spots is Toni Colette, whose multi-faceted performance as Tara and her three alternate personalities on United States of Tara is what makes the show possible – her supporting cast is strong, but the way she pulls off both a struggling wife and mother and a male Vietnam war veteran who won’t stop sexually harassing women is the show’s most valuable asset, and she stands a legitimate chance at taking this award.

Amy Poehler garnered a nomination last year in the Supporting Actress category for Saturday Night Live, so there’s a chance that she could be back for her role in Parks and Recreation. The question is whether or not the low-buzz comedy, that never quite caught on and which didn’t particularly know how to handle Poehler’s character, made enough of an impact for Poehler’s rising fame to bring her above other more seasoned competitors.

Waiting on the periphery, meanwhile, are the women of Wysteria Lane (absent from the category the last few years), plus voters could theoretically be swayed out of habit to choose Debra Messing and Megan Mullaly without realizing that their respective shows were, you know, The Starter Wife and In the Motherhood. There’s also the potential for Sarah Silverman to break into the category, although this happening in a year that doesn’t involve songs about fornicating with Matt Damon isn’t likely.

Predictions for Lead Actress in a Comedy

  • Christina Applegate (“Samantha Who”)
  • Toni Colette (“United States of Tara”)
  • Tina Fey (“30 Rock”)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“The New Adventures of Old Christine”)
  • Mary-Louise Parker (“Weeds”)
  • Amy Poehler (“Parks and Recreation”)


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3 responses to “2009 Emmy Award Predictions: Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  1. Abe

    What about Billie Piper? She wasn’t eligible at the Golden Globes so this could easily be where she breaks out.

    • I like Billie Piper, don’t get me wrong, but I think she’s a bit outside of the loop. It’s one thing with Gervais getting attention for Extras, which existed in the hype of the Office and his stardom. Piper’s starting from scratch with Call Girl, and stodgy Emmy voters likely avoided the show before enjoying her nuanced performance.

  2. I’d vote for Tina Fey.
    Mary Louise Parker stands a good chance too, but she doesn’t really have the buzz that Tina has.
    I odn’t think Christina Applegate or America Ferrara stand a chance. Their shows got attention in their first seasons and that’s as good as it gets.
    I odn’t think Amy Poehler made enough of an impression on anyone minds to get the nom this year. Hopefully next year once the character gets fleshed out (zing!).
    Toni Collette really deserves this nomination, that show was created for her to show off her acting and she did. Those characters are amazing, and I don’t reacall a single time in the show when I suspended my disbelief.

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