Cultural Catchup Project: State of the Project Address

State of the Project Address

May 7th, 2010

You can follow along with the Cultural Catchup Project by following me on Twitter (@Memles), by subscribing to the category’s feed, or by bookmarking the Cultural Catchup Project page where I’ll be posting a link to each installment.

So, we are now two seasons and four weeks into this process, so it seems like a good time to check in on the progress thus far. I think I wanted to be through a bit more of the show by now, if we’re being honest, but my slow speed has resulted in more writing, and more writing has resulted in some more fabulous discussions, so I’m going to say that the project us off to a successful start.

However, there’s a few points I want to make as we head into the next stage of this journey:

1) Keep the Comments Coming

I am now starting to understand the reasons that Buffy fans are so devoted to this show by watching it, but your comments confirmed this long before I necessarily discovered it myself. While I am occasionally worried that my inability to participate in many conversations (due to fear over spoilers, or a lack of knowledge to be able to follow the sprawling conversation threads that have emerged), you have all been pitching in to keep conversations alive long after I expect them to be over. Every time I get an email notification about another comment on the pieces, it means that someone else has been inspired to talk about the show based on this project, and I have your great contributions to thank for that. I’m not used to getting a whole pile of comments around these parts, so it’s been really exciting and I look forward to more conversations in the future.

2) Quick Whedonesque Note

So, when I started this project, I knew enough to know that it would likely eventually get to Whedonesque, which is ideal: it lets a huge community of Buffy fans know I’m undertaking this project, which is sort of the point (I am writing this for myself and all, but the community element is certainly why I’m doing it the way I am). However, after two of the pieces went up on the site, the third was taken down due to what effectively amounts to oversaturation – at the site’s “Why was my post removed” blog, they noted that people are probably aware by now that I’m watching Buffy, and reminding them about it is unnecessary. This makes sense to me, so if you’re amongst those who’s submitted or considered submitting a piece (which, thank you), just let it rest and perhaps there’ll be a point down the road where a reminder may be acceptable (as this is going to be going on for a while).

3) The Schedule

Now, last week I was posting every day for a while because I happened to find a lot of episodes that felt noteworthy and that I had time to cover, but that sort of pace isn’t really going to work for me at this point. Also, I don’t want you to feel like you need to be constantly checking the site to see if a new piece is up: sure, if you want to visit and see what else I’m reviewing that’s wonderful and marvelous, but I want to try to stick to something of a normal schedule. As a result, my plan for the near future is to go back to my original strategy and post on the weekends: my goal is to write three pieces each weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), so you know when to expect them and so that I’ll have time to pull the pieces together (since there’s, at least for a few more weeks, plenty of shows to cover during the rest of the week). When we get into summer, it’s possible this schedule will change and I’ll switch to Saturday/Monday/Thursday or something (to give more time for comment threads to play out on their own and to keep down the high volumes of reading), but for now this is what works best, and what will start tomorrow morning with my thoughts on the start of the third season.

I want to thank everyone for reading along: it’s been great watching along with fans of the series (plus I know at least a few people inspired to watch the series for the first time by the project), and I’ve been humbled by the response to the project to this point – I’m very much looking forwarding to continuing on with the series, and look forward to many great conversations to come (whether I’m involved in them or not).




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4 responses to “Cultural Catchup Project: State of the Project Address

  1. Cartman86

    Can’t wait to see what you think of the coming seasons. Took months for roommate to get into show. Now in a little over a week he has finished most of Buffy and Angel. I’m curious if the show will really take off for you at a similar point.

  2. Thanks to you!

    I having a blast reliving Buffy through you (I’ve seen the complete series 3 times and am too busy at the moment to rewatch it otherwise I’d probably watch along with you), and it’s great having a chance to interact with you and other fans via comments… as I have no one else around me I can talk about Buffy with! (I did the first two times I watched it on dvds, once with my sister, once with a rooommate).

    And yeah, not posting every day will give the discussions in the comments more time to develop, but we’ll miss the daily dose!

    Enjoy the rest of the series! 🙂

  3. TripLLLe

    Thanks for the update, Myles! I have been to your site a few times before, but now that you’ve got this Buffy project going on, you’ve definitely earned yourself a precious spot in my Google Reader!

    I am also a fairly new devotee of the Whedonverse. My first exposure (beyond knowing that “that hot guy with the exotic last name” was on a show about supernatural stuff) was Dr. Horrible. EW had been hyping it and this Whedon fellow so much that I had to check it out. I quickly moved on to Firefly the next month and really enjoyed it. I was stoked enough on Joss that I caught Dollhouse when it premiered, but it wasn’t until March of last year that I finally queued up Buffy to watch on Hulu. I was skeptical for a few episodes, but once I saw the first season’s “Angel,” I was hooked. By the end of that May, I had seen and owned every show in the Whedonverse, and my neighbors were probably pretty sick of having to listen to “Once More, with Feeling” everyday.

    But a great side effect of the Whedonverse is a good group of people whose taste in entertainment you can really trust. Through my initial foray into Whedon-penned wonder, a number of tangentially related things have become favorites of mine, such as The Guild, Bones, Veronica Mars, Castle, Favorite Food Songs ( and everything Olivia Williams has ever done.

    So welcome to being a full-fledged obsessive (like the rest of us lovely people!) and thanks for the great reading!!

  4. Red

    I found you through Whedonesque and having read your posts about Buffy (and other shows), I’m really impressed that a) you have put so much thought into these shows and b) you have written so clearly about them.

    I do a lot of writing for my job, and on my blog, and I know that deep analysis of anything, and clear, thoughtful writing is not easy. My hat’s off to you and thank you for sharing all of this with us.

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