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Emmys 2007: Much Ado About Scene-Stealers in Supporting Actor (Comedy)

One is a multi-camera comedy series that has a laugh track on CBS. The other is a single-camera comedy series airing on HBO. And yet, both How I Met Your Mother and Entourage share one key factor: outside of their core drama, but related to it, there is a character who becomes the real reason to watch the series. In reality, Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) are lead actors in the eyes of many viewers, and in the episodes submitted for Emmy consideration they claim ownership to their respective series. And this makes them, in the end, the front-runner and the dark horse in this Emmy race.

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Emmys 2007: The Creative Arts Winners Announced

Each year, a number of the awards in “lesser” categories are decided in an awards ceremony a week previous: it’s when those little boxes come up on the screen so that we can see names fly by that you’ve never heard before.

Complete List of Creative Arts Winners []

For the Emmys, however, there are always a few stories that justify the existence of these awards if only to recognize shows that got screwed over otherwise. Here’s the big story from the evening’s events:

Emmy-Award Winning ‘Battlestar Galactica’: For realz!

Perhaps I provided good fortune to the series with my blog post just yesterday, but the reality is that after consecutive nominations Battlestar Galactica finally picked up the Emmy for Visual Effects in a series. It’s deserved, as there was some great visual effects work in that episode, and the series has high-production values most of the time. Congrats, Battlestar!

Casting Gold: ‘Friday Night Lights‘ is Vindicated

None of their fantastic, awesome, stunning cast were nominated for an Emmy for their performances, but the show’s casting team was recognized with an award for Best Casting for a Drama Series. How, exactly, none of the brilliant casting led to a nomination remains beyond me, but at least they won’t be going home empty handed.

Guest Actress Trophies Go to Usual Suspects

Elaine Stritch’s performance as Jack’s mother on 30 Rock was fantastic, but her victory in the Guest Actress in a Comedy category isn’t exactly surprising: she’s won before, for Variety performer. And Leslie Caron defeated some stiff competition on the drama side of things, but she was on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a perennial favourite amongst Emmy voters in this category.

Dick in a Box wins Emmy; Hell freezes Over

Although it won’t be performed during the ceremony thanks to some issues over censorship, as expected Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s Saturday Night Live collaboration netted them an Emmy Award. This just goes to show you the sway YouTube has over some Awards: after OK GO won a Grammy for Best Video, and now this, the internet has basically made some integral decisions. If only that extended to the other major awards.

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Emmys 2007: How ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Could Win a Televised Emmy

How Battlestar Galactica Could Win a Televised Emmy

If one of the benefits of the Emmy Awards is the recognition of shows that deserve a larger audience, the ceremony has failed in recent years to live up to that purpose. While one could easily blame the nominations system for excluding some high-class programming in favour of highly successful tripe, let’s stick to the facts: a show like ‘Battlestar Galactica’ doesn’t win Emmys.

They have, however, been nominated for Emmys: unfortunately, all of them have been in categories such as sound and visual effects, and not a single one of the awards have been presented live on television. At no point in time has a big-name presenter had to say “Battlestar Galactica” on that shiny stage throughout its first two seasons, and that’s really a sin.

And, it’s about to change. And, who knows: maybe they might be able to win one of them too.

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Why Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Emmy Awards

Today, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest would be hosting the 59th Annual Emmy Awards to air in September on FOX. There are a variety of reasons why this is happening:

Corporate Synergy (The Emmys are airing on FOX, why give time to a non-FOX performer?), Idol Pity (American Idol may well become the most nominated show never to win an Emmy this year: FOX is making sure the show isn’t completely forgotten),  plus It’s the Cool Thing to Do (Seacrest just got announced as FOX’s host for the Super Bowl red carpet, so he is clearly the go-to guy on FOX’s call list.)

However, I’d say that the real reason that Seacrest is hosting the Emmys is that, well, FOX is just that darn uninspired in their choices to host the show. They’ve got an entire lineup full of options, and yet they turn to the most predictable one in the bunch. Let’s take a look at some of this options.

…ummm…well, you know there’s…uhhh…

See, there really isn’t another viable option from FOX’s perspective. They don’t have late night personalities to speak of, at least not ones important enough to run an Awards show, and they lack any sort of star power outside of their Idol juggernaut.

Because Seacrest wasn’t picked because he’s funny (he’s not) or particularly knowledgeable about television (Don’t really think he is). This is literally an example of a red carpet reporter moving into a position where he needs to carry a show. There won’t be Simon, Paula and Randy there to bail him out, and while he does a good job with Idol I think this is a slightly different beast altogether.

Regardless, we’ll see how he performs in just under a month’s time. In the meantime, stay tuned to Cultural Learnings for major Emmy coverage in the coming weeks.

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The 2007 Emmy Awards: The 12 Biggest Snubs

The good people at AOL Television have put together a photo gallery featuring various thoughts on who got snubbed for the 2007 Emmy Nominations, and I was lucky enough to be one of their featured commentators.

Emmys Blog Reactions – AOL Television

However, their list has admittedly got me thinking about some of the most frustrating snubs that could possibly have arisen out of the various Emmy nominations (Even the obscure ones). And so, I’ve created a list of what are my ten largest snubs of the nominations, individuals who deserved a chance to be recognized by their peers.

‘Lost’ for Best Drama Series

There is no question that Lost reached creative highs in its third season, it’s a pity that an arguable lowpoint in its opening episodes kept it from gaining enough traction to overcome lesser shows like Heroes or Boston Legal which skated by with newness and familiarity respectively. It’s hard to know what got it snubbed: a lack of voter interest, a poorly submitted episode, or the spread of the opinion that the show was past its prime. I don’t understand any of those options, but Lost will sit out another year regardless.

Michael C. Hall (Dexter) for Lead Actor in a Drama Series

It was the single worst snub of the Emmy season, greater than any of the other missing individuals. While James Spader and Kiefer Sutherland went through the pace, Michael C. Hall crafted a serial killer that we not only grew to empathize with but actually kind of liked in the end. His performance made the entire concept work; without some level of empathy, the show would collapse under an unlikable hero incapable of emotional contact with others. After the Hollywood Foreign Press and his Screen Actors Guild peers recognized him, it is unfortunate that the Academy members could not do the same. The fact that he won’t have a chance to challenge for this award is the season’s greatest travesty.

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The Highlights and Lowlights of the 2007 Emmy Nominations

The nominations for the 56th annual Primetime Emmy awards have been released, and the result is a whole lot of frustration. While there are certainly some attributes in these categories that certainly warrant some sort of positive feelings, the overall impact is limited with some rather vile mistakes made by the voters. Yes, I said mistakes. Let’s take a look at the Best and the Worst of the nominations.

Best Category

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

This one is simple, really. While there were some other categories that had either too many familiar faces or the wrong mix of people, Supporting Actor in a Comedy gets it just right. Jon Cryer is the token nominee for the popular vote, but then you’ve got four awesome comedic talents: last year’s winner Jeremy Piven along with new (And fantastic) fresh faces in Rainn Wilson, Kevin Dillon and Neil Patrick Harris. I really can’t argue with any of these selections. I would have liked to see Justin Kirk in there, but it’s still a great category.

Runner-Up: Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Worst Category

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Three Grey’s Anatomy actresses, two Sopranos actresses, and perennial Emmy favourite Rachel Griffiths. It is clear that the men are where the new talent is making an impact, because these nominees couldn’t be much more predictable. The lack of new talent (Elizabeth Mitchell for Lost, Hayden Panettiere for Heroes) is the biggest problem, and I really hope that this can change in the future.

Runner-Up: Outstanding Drama Series

Most Surprising Nominee

Michael Emerson (Lost) – Supporting Actor in a Drama

I had written off Michael Emerson, one of my early picks, after Elizabeth Mitchell failed to crack the Top 10. However, it appears that Emerson was able to make it in, and with 6 nominees in his category worked his way into the fold. This was likely supported by Terry O’Quinn’s tape, which featured Emerson heavily. It is most deserved, and the most pleasant surprise of the morning.

Runner-Up: Boston Legal – Outstanding Drama Series

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The 2007 Emmy Awards Nominations: Lost Snubbed, Sopranos Praised

After months of coverage and more than a little bit of analysis, it is has finally come down to this: this morning, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences have officially announced their nominations for what their voters believed to be the best in television over the past year. Are they right on the money, or are they off the mark once again?

The Big Stories

– Lost and Friday Night Lights snubbed, although Lost dominates in Supporting Actor with Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson! Woo!

– The Sopranos leads with 15 nominations.

– Battlestar Galactica and Lost each garnered writing and directing nods on the Drama side, while 30 Rock and The Office dominated the categories in terms of Comedy series.

– There’s a lot of snubs all over the place, I’ll go into more detail tomorrow, but Michael C. Hall is the worst one. Yes, worse than Lost.

– Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer break through as supporting contenders for The Office, which garnered a whole lot of nominations once you factor in writing and directing.

And the Nominees Are…

Oustanding Drama Series

The Sopranos


Boston Legal

Grey’s Anatomy


Oustanding Comedy Series

The Office


Two and a Half Men

30 Rock

Ugly Betty

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