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Cultural Catchup: March 21st-26th

While I may yet do some CUSID related blogging, I figure that I should at the very least acknowledge that my absence has not coincided with a stoppage of television-related news and events. Considering the fact that I’m currently recovering from some pressure-related troubles from the flight home, as well as a lack of sleep/nutrition resulting in relative illness, I’m not quite in the business of writing up individual posts of great length in regards to some of the week’s events. So, let’s do a little bit of Cultural Catchup.

Wednesday March 21st

Survivor: Fiji

While it was certainly not the show’s most eventful episode, it was at the very least a recognition that things needed to be shaken up a little bit in terms of the show’s dynamics. I think that this shuffling of the teams actually accomplished quite a lot; by shaking up some alliances, some individuals (Like Boo) became far more endearing. His performance in the challenge was a sign of leadership, something which Moto never seemed to worry about before. He showed an ability to step up, perhaps more than any other individual, without seeming like a complete asshole in the process.

Meanwhile, while the episode was redeeming for some, it did little for the men of the new Ravu tribe. And, I think this goes both ways; the manly men for their treatment of Anthony, and Anthony for being so darn self-defeatist and clueless about it. I don’t get his attitude; he’s a nerd, so he just accepts that he can’t do these things? His self esteem may have been challenged in the past, sure, but he seemed more than capable of assisting them in collecting word or starting a fire. His ostracization by the rest of his tribe was unfortunate, but I would place at least a majority of the blame on his own attitude. As much as we nerds have to stick together, I can’t justify his reaction without wondering how he could be so clueless.

Also, small note: the preview for next week is just the first of two “Person falls down and it’s funny” segments on CBS this week. And I found it far too funny, especially since I like Michelle.

Thursday March 22nd

Ugly Betty

The battle between Alexis and Daniel heated up this week, and…well, I felt like the show was reverting back to weeks past without recognizing the tangible change in these characters’ relationship. They haven’t been truly at odds for weeks, and I found it more than a little convenient to just ramp up their actions. If this storyline shall remain central, and it appears it shall, I can only hope that the contents of Daniel’s letter get out into the open. And soon.

That said, the rest of the episode brought some nice moments. Betty posing as Marc’s girlfriend was charming, and the moment with Henry was absolutely heartbreaking. The writing continued to be sharp in terms of dialogue, and it’s good to see a positive side to Marc’s character again. The show is still searching, I feel, for its drive forward to a finale, and I’m hoping that next week could help in this endeavor. Henry + Betty needs to happen, dangit. Also, as some google searches foretold, the episode featured the arrival of Max Greenberg (‘Veronica Mars’, ‘The O.C.’) as Alexis’ new assistant.

Andy Barker P.I. and Scrubs

The 2nd week for Andy Barker P.I. was a fairly good one, and I would consider it to be a success on the whole. Nicole’s transfer into Andy’s office was incredibly well-handled, and it was good to see the comedic and melodramatic detective drama/action meld together so well. The show is forming an identity, which could be bittersweet when the axe likely falls come May.

As for Scrubs, as I noted in a comment to my post regarding its possible cancellation, I think that this week’s episode was good. I was incredibly frustrated by the way Dr. Cox and Laverne had their discussions regarding faith. One of the problems I’ve had with Scrubs lately is that these moral discussions seem very forced. Dr. Cox becomes a complete jerk in these conversations in order for his episodic shift to feel more powerful. It’s rather manipulative, and forgets a lot of character development in past seasons. That said, the episode’s emotional conclusion was quite powerful, which is a feat for the show at this point.

Grey’s Anatomy

I hereby refuse to discuss this show until George and Izzie somehow go back in time and not have sex. Continue reading


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Thursday Night TV Club – March 15th, 2007

D is for Drama:

Thursday Night on the Alphabet

With two of Thursday’s must-see comedies on hiatus, and due to CTV’s wonky scheduling, I figured it would be best if I watched three dramas this past evening in order to get a glimpse into a non-comedic side of things for a change. And, quite coincidentally, it appeared that this was actually turning into a review of ABC’s debuting Thursday lineup. The Alphabet debuted a new drama, and saw the long-awaited returns of both Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy, a combination likely to lead to ratings success against NBC’s premieres, CBS’ NCAA Basketball and FOX’s hit game show not deserving of being mentioned by name. But, just because it wins the ratings battle, should we give it a pass from the analysis of the Thursday Night TV Club? Absolutely not.

8pm EST

Ugly Betty – “Icing on the Cake”

Anyone who isn’t rooting for the pairing of Henry and Betty at this point are, perhaps, dead to me. It’s clear, considering that Christopher Gorham attended the Paley festival roundtable this week, that he’ll be sticking around for awhile; I can only hope that they pull the trigger on this relationship by the time the season ends. Charlie is cute and all, but it’s fairly clear that they have to end up together in some way. Part of me hopes that they could be one of those couples who can just be together without being all dramatic about it…if there’s any couple I’d support putting into a plastic bubble, it might be this one.

As for the rest of the episode, things went about as you’d expect they would, although to be honest some of it was a little bit like running in place. Ignacio’s storyline went nowhere, Claire Meade’s storyline seemed to lack resonance, and the entire situation between Daniel and Alexis just never got off the ground for me. Even Amanda as a designer’s muse (Saw the reveal coming miles away…and were we supposed to know that actress, or was she just that bad an actor?) seemed to just sit there, waiting for me to be entertained. As what was essentially an episode where so much of the show treaded water, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as the past set of episodes. As opposed to the icing on the cake, it really felt more like it had laid the icing next to the cake, and expected us to ice it ourselves…wow, no more cake late at night, it makes me metaphorical. Continue reading


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It’s All About the Benjamins: Clip Shows and TV’s Financial Realities

[Editor’s Note: Tonight on ABC (April 12th), Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy aired Clip Shows. I figure this is a good time to focus on this piece, which explains why a Clip Show is a television reality, and why we’re waiting until next week to see new episodes of ABC’s hit Thursday Dramas. While written about an episode of Scrubs, this applies to all shows. – Myles]

Now, everyone, last night was certainly a slower night than usual when it comes to Thursday Night TV Club, which is really quite sensible considering that it’s now no longer the coveted February Sweeps period; as a result, I’m going to put it on a one week hiatus, maybe more if nothing’s on next week as well. And yet, I have a lot to say about last night’s television, specifically the episode of Scrubs: “My Night to Remember.” This was actually quite a literal title, because the show took 22 minutes to remember some of its “best” moments of the past 2 and a half seasons. I was very much disappointed to learn it was a clip show, but I think this is a good opportunity to discuss something fairly important. Because, I want to call a special meeting right now about the reality of the clip show and the financial reality of network television.

Link – Wikipedia: “Clip Show”

Shows go clip shows for only one reason, and it wasn’t the tongue-in-cheek reason found within the episode itself; rather than being a lack of creativity, it is purely for budget reasons that such episodes are constructed. It’s really quite pragmatic, as with the number of episodes these shows have in a season some will no doubt be more complicated and, therefore, more expensive than others. Continue reading


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