Cultural Catchup: March 21st-26th

While I may yet do some CUSID related blogging, I figure that I should at the very least acknowledge that my absence has not coincided with a stoppage of television-related news and events. Considering the fact that I’m currently recovering from some pressure-related troubles from the flight home, as well as a lack of sleep/nutrition resulting in relative illness, I’m not quite in the business of writing up individual posts of great length in regards to some of the week’s events. So, let’s do a little bit of Cultural Catchup.

Wednesday March 21st

Survivor: Fiji

While it was certainly not the show’s most eventful episode, it was at the very least a recognition that things needed to be shaken up a little bit in terms of the show’s dynamics. I think that this shuffling of the teams actually accomplished quite a lot; by shaking up some alliances, some individuals (Like Boo) became far more endearing. His performance in the challenge was a sign of leadership, something which Moto never seemed to worry about before. He showed an ability to step up, perhaps more than any other individual, without seeming like a complete asshole in the process.

Meanwhile, while the episode was redeeming for some, it did little for the men of the new Ravu tribe. And, I think this goes both ways; the manly men for their treatment of Anthony, and Anthony for being so darn self-defeatist and clueless about it. I don’t get his attitude; he’s a nerd, so he just accepts that he can’t do these things? His self esteem may have been challenged in the past, sure, but he seemed more than capable of assisting them in collecting word or starting a fire. His ostracization by the rest of his tribe was unfortunate, but I would place at least a majority of the blame on his own attitude. As much as we nerds have to stick together, I can’t justify his reaction without wondering how he could be so clueless.

Also, small note: the preview for next week is just the first of two “Person falls down and it’s funny” segments on CBS this week. And I found it far too funny, especially since I like Michelle.

Thursday March 22nd

Ugly Betty

The battle between Alexis and Daniel heated up this week, and…well, I felt like the show was reverting back to weeks past without recognizing the tangible change in these characters’ relationship. They haven’t been truly at odds for weeks, and I found it more than a little convenient to just ramp up their actions. If this storyline shall remain central, and it appears it shall, I can only hope that the contents of Daniel’s letter get out into the open. And soon.

That said, the rest of the episode brought some nice moments. Betty posing as Marc’s girlfriend was charming, and the moment with Henry was absolutely heartbreaking. The writing continued to be sharp in terms of dialogue, and it’s good to see a positive side to Marc’s character again. The show is still searching, I feel, for its drive forward to a finale, and I’m hoping that next week could help in this endeavor. Henry + Betty needs to happen, dangit. Also, as some google searches foretold, the episode featured the arrival of Max Greenberg (‘Veronica Mars’, ‘The O.C.’) as Alexis’ new assistant.

Andy Barker P.I. and Scrubs

The 2nd week for Andy Barker P.I. was a fairly good one, and I would consider it to be a success on the whole. Nicole’s transfer into Andy’s office was incredibly well-handled, and it was good to see the comedic and melodramatic detective drama/action meld together so well. The show is forming an identity, which could be bittersweet when the axe likely falls come May.

As for Scrubs, as I noted in a comment to my post regarding its possible cancellation, I think that this week’s episode was good. I was incredibly frustrated by the way Dr. Cox and Laverne had their discussions regarding faith. One of the problems I’ve had with Scrubs lately is that these moral discussions seem very forced. Dr. Cox becomes a complete jerk in these conversations in order for his episodic shift to feel more powerful. It’s rather manipulative, and forgets a lot of character development in past seasons. That said, the episode’s emotional conclusion was quite powerful, which is a feat for the show at this point.

Grey’s Anatomy

I hereby refuse to discuss this show until George and Izzie somehow go back in time and not have sex.

Sunday March 25th

The Amazing Race: All-Stars

I’m disappointed to see Teri and Ian head out into the great unknown of sequesterville. I think that this leg basically kicked their ass, to be entirely honest with you; between the multiple flights and the emphasis on airport haggling, Ian’s stubbornness sunk the team to the depths of the group. A poor performance at the detour was enough to ruin their chances against Bill and Joe, which is somewhat sad considering that I think they had much more potential than this. You could tell, although I think Charla was overemphasizing it, that Teri was almost happy to be done after those few days.

As for the rest of the leg, Charla and Mirna made the right flight decision and won the leg as a result. Danny and Oswald continued to race strongly, although their fruit stop cost them 1st Place. Dustin and Kandice, and Uchenna and Joyce, performed admirably, the latter beating their 30-minute penalty quite easily. And, while they got pulled off a plane at the last second, Eric and Danielle still managed to perform well enough to stay alive.

Also, in the 2nd example of CBS’ amazing preview department, we got to see next week’s key scene of Charla in armour falling down. Due to my accomodations at the Hoult residence in Brampton, I was able to use their HD-PVR to rewind and rewatch this scene over and over again. It was perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I can only hope it is as funny in the context of the episode.

And for the record, I don’t think it was producer intervention which resulted in the weather delay. While it is certainly possible, I don’t think the clear skies were indicative of the weather out at sea, which would be the greater concern when it comes to a boat ride.

Battlestar Galactica

I just watched this episode within the last few hours, and honestly? I can’t talk about it yet. Full detailed analysis will be following in the days ahead.

Monday March 26th


President Palmer is awake. Gredenko is in custody. The strike has been averted. The episode did a rather positive job at advancing some storylines and remaining inoffensive, and the nice little impeachment plan from the Vice-President was most effective at throwing a wrench into things.

That said, the episode didn’t really do much for me. It seemed very by the numbers, and I never really felt that there was any drama involved. Nadia was let off and then made out with Milo, Jack seemed to be entirely successful at this missions, and Ricky’s little secret was only dramatic for the random character we’ve never seen before. Also, in other news, what the hell happened to President Logan, people? Ugh. Incredibly frustrating.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some thoughts on all sorts of things, I’m sure. Hope everyone had a quality weekend.


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6 responses to “Cultural Catchup: March 21st-26th

  1. I really, really want to agree with you about the weather delay…but I just read an interview with Phil and he said they had to change the location of the pit stop because of all the laggings and he left for the next leg five hours behind Charla and Mirna and Oswald and Danny. So, I’m going to be an optimist on this one, but don’t blame the conspiracy theorists at all.

    Also, 24? Worst.Episode.Ever.

    I really need a life.

  2. Now, now, Erin, we all need a life sometimes. But this life is good too.

    That interview would be quite interesting, because it just affirms that the show was not prepared for such massive delays. The lagging would actually be a huge logistical problem, and it’s almost reasonable that they would have to finagle things a little bit.


    That’s the interview. It occurred before this episode aired, so Phil doesn’t mention names, but if it’s not about this episode, then things are only going to get more fucked up.

  4. Well, he mentions the Europe issues ahead of the comments about Africa, and…we haven’t been to Europe yet. This would imply to me that the huge distances between teams will certainly be continuing for a little while, at least…one wonders how this could be, but alas.

  5. Well, doesn’t Phil says there’s 17 hours between Charla and Mirna and Joe and Bill?? Which, even with a flight and hours to operations working in favor, would be really hard to fix in a single leg.

    I’m excited for the next episode, but if the second group doesn’t catch up to the first and give Charla and Mirna a run for their money, I am going to be seriously pissed.

    But enough of this.

    Tonight: A new House! At 9:07! My relationship with Fox is very love/hate.

  6. Okay, 17 for Europe…..I wonder if this means Joe and Bill make time up or lose time?

    Will stop commenting now.


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