A Leave of Absence

While I’m questioning just how rabid my readership really is, in terms of its daily perusal of the site, but I figure I should explain my extended absence from the blogging world.

I’m headed off to the CUSID National Debating Championships at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. While I will have my laptop with me, and may perhaps leave some brief messages here along with some photos, chances are I won’t be able to delve into any substantial issues.

It’s a fairly dull weekend anyways; in terms of movies, the oddly advertised ‘Reign Over Me’ battles ‘TMNT’ in terms of the most highly advertised films, but it’s actually a fairly substantial weekend. Hit the cinema to enjoy either of these options, but there’s also some rather exciting TV stuff as well.

Sunday will bring the Season Finale of Battlestar Galactica, and the buzz on the internet is tremendous. I’ve managed to stay spoiler-free up to this point, but considering the way the 1st part ended I am much looking forward to how things…move forward. With the episode order for Season Four recently upped to 22 episodes, things won’t be wrapping up quite as quickly as we thought.

So, on that note, I’m off to prepare for the flight in the morning. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



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6 responses to “A Leave of Absence

  1. You mean you don’t have some ridiculously awesome plug-in that tells you how many people come, how they get there and where they are from?

    We have one and it’s even more addictive than reading the 17,000 blogs I pretend I don’t read. Seriously, I’d check it more often if it wasn’t glaringly obvious which IP address was mine.

    Also, good luck debating!

  2. Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks