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Greek – “A Tale of Two Parties”

“A Tale of Two Parties”

May 26th, 2008

As two competing parties emerge in the context of the newly lifted regulations, I will myself place a new regulation on Cultural Learnings: from now on, I am going to stop complaining about Casey Cartwright.

This is going to be a serious issue, considering how it seems as if every storyline in the series eventually boils down to how the entire series can revolve around her presence. Now, if I was still complaining about her, I’d note how this ultimately cheapens all of the other characters (in particular Evan, who is getting a rather awful rub in this scenario). But, I’m moving on with my life: from now on, I’m over it.

Which, if the Secret works as Casey wants it to, could perhaps will the series (and her character) to move on in turn. But it’s doubtful.

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