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Cultural Learnings’ 2008 Television Time Capsule: An Introduction


Faced with the task of memorializing 2008 as a year in television, there have been two major trends: either accepting the challenges facing the industry in 2008 and focusing on the positives which emerged, or eviscerating the industry for falling out of its golden age and squandering its potential.

I don’t envy people who truly have to do this job for a living: in a year of failed pilots and declining ratings, it must be tough to sum it all up from a critical perspective without the same kind of freedom that this blog affords me. The Cultural Learnings 2008 Television Time Capsule is an attempt to elide the year as a whole altogether: yes, it is tied together by some vague idea of recognizing that which was memorable in television, but I have no obligation to step outside my own station in doing so.

But I can’t pretend that writing this feature didn’t make me think about the broader implications of the industry, or that I didn’t read numerous other year-end features that influenced me to some degree in the process. This has been, even if we ignore the qualifications of good and bad, an interesting year for the medium of television, and I can totally see how some would begin to view the year as somewhat of a disappointment.

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Cultural Learnings’ Fall 2007 Lineup: Fridays

Fridays aren’t a big night for television: even in the wake of a few new shows debuting (Women’s Murder Club for ABC, Moonlight for CBS), I really can’t say that much on the night piques my interest. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching anything: unlike last year, there’s a show on Fridays that is worth the time of every TV viewer out there.

Friday Night Lights

Last week, I received my Friday Night Lights DVDs on Tuesday evening. By Saturday night, I had completed the entire 22 episode season. While light on features, the incredibly well-priced DVD collection reminded me of two things: that this was by far one of the best shows on television last season, and that I didn’t give it enough credit at the time.

Cultural Learnings’ Friday Night Lights Coverage

Why FNL is Emmy Worthy – Cultural Learnings

I’ll write more about Friday Night Lights when its debut in early October moves closer, but for now here’s something for those in the U.S.: until the end of the weekend, Yahoo! has the premiere streaming in its entirety. Check it out, and feel proud that you’re able to see something that I (As a Canadian) cannot see.

Yahoo! – Friday Night Lights Season Two Premiere

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