Cultural Learnings’ Fall 2007 Lineup: Fridays

Fridays aren’t a big night for television: even in the wake of a few new shows debuting (Women’s Murder Club for ABC, Moonlight for CBS), I really can’t say that much on the night piques my interest. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching anything: unlike last year, there’s a show on Fridays that is worth the time of every TV viewer out there.

Friday Night Lights

Last week, I received my Friday Night Lights DVDs on Tuesday evening. By Saturday night, I had completed the entire 22 episode season. While light on features, the incredibly well-priced DVD collection reminded me of two things: that this was by far one of the best shows on television last season, and that I didn’t give it enough credit at the time.

Cultural Learnings’ Friday Night Lights Coverage

Why FNL is Emmy Worthy – Cultural Learnings

I’ll write more about Friday Night Lights when its debut in early October moves closer, but for now here’s something for those in the U.S.: until the end of the weekend, Yahoo! has the premiere streaming in its entirety. Check it out, and feel proud that you’re able to see something that I (As a Canadian) cannot see.

Yahoo! – Friday Night Lights Season Two Premiere

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