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Box Office ‘Disturbia’ (April 14-16) – Friday Estimates, Projections

You see, sometimes the Box Office needs to make up its bloody mind. The past year has seen internet-focused films like Grindhouse and Snakes on a Plane fail to meet expectations, struggling to emerge from their internet-audience into a broader spectrum. And yet, this weekend has marked the success of a film that had little-to-no mainstream hype, a plot ripped almost straight from Rear Window (Although you could do far worse than Hitchcock), no truly mainstream lead, and a limited marketing push on television coupled with an extensive internet advertising campaign centered on sites like Ain’t It Cool News. That film was Disturbia.

Friday Estimates – Top 5

1. Disturbia -$8.7 Million

2. Blades of Glory – $4.3 Million (-50.8%)

3. Perfect Stranger – $3.9 Million

4. Meet the Robinsons – $3.1 Million (-54.3%)

5. Are We Done Yet? – 2.4 Million (-55.3%)

6. Pathfinder: Legend of the Ghost Warrior – $1.7 Million

8. Redline – $1.4 Million

10. Grindhouse – $1.3 Million (-73.9%)

11. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres – $1.3 Million

First off, I think this shall now be officially declared the Spring/Summer of Shia LaBeouf, considering that he’s starring in Transformers and will likely start shooting Indiana Jones 4 during this period. This 21-year old (He’s my age, this is terrifying) has made a name for himself as a talented actor and someone for the future, but that was all supposed to start with Transformers. That fact that Disturbia stands to make $23 Million or so is absolutely astonishing, and destroys most predictions made for the film’s box office fortunes. It’s a huge coup for Dreamworks, and should be a huge coup for young LeBeouf as well.

Perfect Stranger, the other big release, had Halle Berry and Bruce Willis…and yet more or less bombed. The reason is simple: the film didn’t look very good. Berry has yet to be a box office draw since her Oscar win, since X-Men had nothing to do with her, and people like to see Bruce Willis playing either sarcastic or full-on action here. This doesn’t do much to hurt Willis heading into Live Free or Die Hard, but Berry’s star is falling fast. Meanwhile, the other three debuts were, as expected, tepid at best. Crashing a fancy car did nothing for Redline’s box office fortunes, Karl Urban is unsurprisingly not a large enough draw to carry a Viking film, and ATHF did alright for a niche release.

Among holdovers, drops were high as expected due to last week’s Friday holiday, but films held on at fairly standard levels…except for Grindhouse. I singled it out for an absolutely disastrous week-over-week drop of 74%. The film has sunk, and whether Weinstein splits Grindhouse into two parts or not I just think that the films don’t have an audience big enough to make it work. It’s a fine piece of art, but people weren’t looking for art in their cinema.

So, what does this mean for the Top 5 Weekend totals? Without looking at sites which actually do this on a regular basis, here are my educated guesses:

Weekend Projections

1. Disturbia – $22.7 Million

2. Blades of Glory – $14.3 Million

3. Meet the Robinsons – $11.8 Million

4. Perfect Stranger – $10.1 Million

5. Are We Done Yet? – $8.1 Million

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