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Modern Family – “Great Expectations”

“Great Expectations”

November 18th, 2009

In terms of the great comedy battle of 2009, which continues to rage amongst shows both new and old, Modern Family is at a distinct disadvantage: with Parks and Recreation delivering some legitimately great comedy and Community doing a really compelling and confident meta-storyline, the simplicity of this show is a disadvantage in terms of being flashy. There comes a point where the hype surrounding the show creates greater expectations than the storylines themselves can live up to in terms of their premise, requiring viewers to appreciate the strong execution where originality isn’t overtly present.

“Great Expectations” is a solid episode of the show, featuring a number of fun loving gags and a couple of big guest stars, but nothing stands out as particularly stunning as compared to some of the other comedies. In this instance, I think there was enough nuance to each individual story to continue to prove how strong the writers understand these characters, but it nonetheless follows similar patterns to what we’ve seen in the past. I think it’s one of their stronger episodes due to a nice role reversal, but it’s not reaching as high as some of the other comedies are right now.

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The Office – “Night Out”

“Night Out”

April 24th, 2008

So, yes, I am extremely late blogging about the most recent episode of The Office. This isn’t because I didn’t like it, but rather that after a long, long day of packing and moving things I didn’t particularly feel like watching anything that I knew I would be viewing critically (It’s inevitable). As a result, I chose to watch the second season of Project Runway (Which, now that it won a Peabody, doesn’t qualify as a guilty pleasure), and only last night sat down to glimpse at the latest The Office had to offer.

I was admittedly quite satisfied with the episode, as it demonstrated the show’s willingness to step outside of the Office while maintaining the character interactions that make the series function. It was great to see a corporate falling out that actually makes sense (Why couldn’t we have had that for Jan?), and the office storyline was slight but certainly demonstrative of a side of Jim and Pam which we rarely see.

And there’s really not much more to say: it was funny, it was entertaining, and it showed some interesting sides of characters. But, let’s go into a bit more detail, shall we?

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