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How I Met Your Mother – “Rebound Bro”

“Rebound Bro”

May 5th, 2008

After last week’s breakup of Barney and Ted, it’s not easy being Barney…or Ted. Or Stella, the delightful girlfriend we’ve seen too little of since only now was Sarah Chalke able to make her return. And really, it’s a spiral for all of them, as they struggle with various hangups.

They’re realistic hangups – whether it’s Barney’s search for a wingman who isn’t married or taken, Ted struggling with two months of no sex with Stella, and Stella attempting to overcome her concerns over not having sex for five YEARS. The first certainly provides the most humour, in a traditional sense, but the others provide a less neurotic but more charming/dramatic turn.

It might not quite be comparable to next week, but who can complain about Virginity 2: Electric Bugaloo and an unexpected number of testacles?

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