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Battlestar Galactica – “Sine Qua Non”

“Sine Qua Non”

May 30th, 2008

Yes, you’re not seeing things: that date above is in the future, which means that I have perfected the art of time travel. Or, more accurately, I’ve perfected the art of hijacking a British satellite feed in order to watch this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica three days before it airs on this continent.

Yes, SkyOne is now three days ahead due to the Memorial Day holiday break on Sci-Fi, which is good news for those of us able to see it early. Now, I was trying to decide whether to write a review now or later for this one, and know that my decision to focus on the former is largely due to a desire to discuss it while it is still fresh in my mind; I know how hard it will be for those of you on feeds to resist the temptation to read before you watch, and I apologize for the trouble.

However, there’s a lot to talk about here, some of which I found interesting and some which, well, I didn’t. Plus, the return of a much-loved character that, although engaging, ultimately falls in the latter category…I think.

So, head below the jump for thoughts and spoilers…and, if you’re not coming back until Saturday, see you then!

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