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Offsite Learnings: Cinemax’s Strike Back at The A.V. Club

Offsite Learnings: Cinemax’s Strike Back

August 31st, 2012

In the midst of completing a busy summer academically, I took on the task of reviewing Cinemax’s Strike Back week-to-week at The A.V. Club, which has been a nice chance to explore a show I enjoy quite a bit. I figured I should let those of you who continue to follow the blog and not my Twitter account know about it, and offer up an exclusive clip from tonight’s fourth episode of the second season; you can find my review of that episode right after it airs at The A.V. Club.

Review: Strike Back Season 2 – “Episode One”/”Episode Two”

Review: Strike Back Season 2 – “Episode Three”

Clip: Strike Back Season 2 – Stonebridge and El Soldat Negotiate

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2011: The Year That Wasn’t – Shameless and Strike Back

Showtime’s Shameless

Aired: January to March

With Shameless starting its second season next weekend, and with my parents recently gaining access to an expansive OnDemand archive featuring the series, I’ve taken the past week or so to introduce them to the “deranged” – my mother’s word –Gallagher family.

It’s not often that I rewatch dramatic series in this fashion, and I couldn’t tell you the last time I managed it. I didn’t write about Shameless more than a handful of times when the first season aired earlier this year, but rewatching the show has made me wish I had, both because I find myself really enjoying the show (more than my review of the finale would suggest) and because I think writing about it would have helped me confront my frustration with one half of the series.

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