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30 Rock – “Subway Hero”

“Subway Hero”

April 17th, 2008

When I say “Hero,” you say “Dennis.”

Okay, so that’s a bit oversimplified, but tonight’s episode of 30 Rock was certainly a return to form after last week’s funny, but off-balance, return. In retrospect, “MILF Island” had some good humour, but its central reality show parallel felt unnecessary and forced at the end of the day. Part of the show’s charm is how breezy everything is, that things fall into place and storylines weave in and out with little respect for the laws of traditional act structures. Ultimately, although it was the point of the episode, the traditional reality show arcs just don’t have the same effect.

However, with the return of Dennis the Beeper King came hope, a whirlwind of an episode that benefited greatly from a little extra polish around the edges. While it still feels as if the episode didn’t quite finish off, with Guest Star Tim Conway never quite integrating into the central storyline, it was funny, quick and smart (On a general level, as the sum of its parts) from beginning to end, something that can’t be said of last week’s episode.

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