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Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – “The Turk”

“The Turk”

January 21st, 2008

Last week, I had relatively positive things to say about Sarah Connor Chronicles, which was a surprise to Dave at The Watchers. Over the weekend, he checked out the series for himself, and their third episode has all sorts of not so nice things to say about the series. And while I’m not quite to the point where I am about to agree with the pessimism he brings to the table, I will say that “The Turk” was really, really boring.

Now, it wasn’t “I’m never watching this series again” boring or anything of this nature, but it got mired down in technology and domesticity too greatly. There were some elements that represent intriguing developments for the series, but they were either glossed over or presented almost too literally for the sake of moving the story along. This would be fine if the story actually moved along, or if we saw anything worthwhile within these settings. Perhaps it was my multi-tasking while watching the episode this morning, but did any of this really make any sense?

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