The Ethics of Robot Suicide

In Canada, our Super Bowl commercials were quite unfortunately lame. Far too many for Rogers, on top of their sponsorship of Deal or No Deal Canada, and a lack of any of the Conservative attack ads we were promised. However, there was one that crossed the border, one that made me quite pleased in its…oddities.

GM Super Bowl Commercial: Robot Suicide

THE ROBOT JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE! It was the only Canadian commercial that made me stop everything I was doing and watch. The entire commercial is entertaining, but what about the subliminal messages implied? What if it wasn’t a machine, but a layed off GM worker instead? There are some implications here that make me quite entertained, but the commercial is really just a well-made piece of Super Bowl advertising. No celebrities, no gimmicks, but rather just a well-told story that defines it as a car commercial without seeming like one. It was, therefore, an incredibly successful commercial…plus the robot jumped off a frackin’ bridge, COME ON!

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