When We Last Left Our ‘Heroes’…

Monday April 23rd is the date that everyone has been looking forward to, when Heroes returns from its almost two month long hiatus for its last batch of new episodes. However, since it’s been awhile, I figure we should revisit the status of each of our Heroes in order to refresh our memory after the hiatus acted went all ‘Haitian’ on our brains.

Edit: Wish to know what happens in ‘.07%’, the new episode? Check out the recap here: “Heroes: ‘.07%'” 


Status: On the run from Primatech.
Psychological State: She recently discovered that her grandmother has been involved in her life in some capacity, and that she and the Haitian are both trying to keep her safe. Plus, she might never see her parents again. She’s in a bit of a tough shape, and it might even make her dye her hair to cope with it all. Just a hunch.


Status: Appearing on “Linderman’s Kitchen,” a cooking show where Linderman blackmails political candidates to doing his bidding while making vegetarian delights.
Psychological State: Considering that Linderman just offered him the Presidency, I’d say that he’s pretty happy on one side, and morbidly concerned on the other. Plus, Linderman both has sharp knives and the ability to have him killed, so I think he’ll probably take the deal. Just a hunch.


Status: Transported into the near future, post-bomb, with Ando and experiencing the carnage that ensues…although he now has the sword in his possession. Huzzah!
Psychological State: He’s kind of depressed about, you know, utter desolation, but he’s got his abilities back so it’s looking up for Hiro’s role in future episodes. After slumming in Las Vegas for awhile, he deserves a chance to break free.

Mr. Bennet

Status: Apprehended, along with his wife, by Primatech thanks to the shape-shifting hero recently brought into the show.
Psychological State: He recently had his memory wiped, but was smart enough to inform his wife ahead of time. Of course, he wasn’t smart enough to realize that the shape-shifter would take his wife’s form and fool him into revealing that he had some knowledge of Claire’s whereabouts. Which puts him in a little bit of turmoil.


Status: Shoved up against a wall by Sylar and currently having a large incision being placed into his skull which is resulting in a rather alarming amount of blood.
Psychological State: Well, Sylar is kind of trying to kill him, so I think he’s probably a tad bit frazzled. He could also be considering whether or not he’s quite mastered Claire’s healing capability, and whether or not anyone is nearby to try to help him. Like Claude, perhaps. Who knows.


Status: Shoving Peter up against a wall and cutting his head open.
Psychological State: In my view, Sylar’s a great multi-tasker. He’s planning out tomorrow’s grocery shopping, and wondering if Peter maybe has a power that gets blood out of clothes easier. Because that would be spectacular, those dry cleaner bills are murder.


Status: Attached to the ceiling of his apartment while bleeding out onto the ground.
Psychological State:LOVE HANGIN’ LOVE HANGIN’ HA HA HA.” [See 1:30 of the link for the reference. Be warned: It’s Muppets.]

Matt Parkman

Status: Tied to a gurney somewhere within Primatech awaiting his fate.
Psychological State: They’re probably controlling his mind as much as possible, but he’s probably wondering where he was for most of this episode. They should really consider finding him something to do soon, he’s unstimulated.


Status: Assisted Nathan in getting to Linderman, only after killing the two FBI people listening in, while all the while technically being hired to kill him.
Psychological State: I don’t even care anymore; she’s messed up, I get it, can’t really say I’m too perplexed by it all. Honestly, can we just kill her off? Her and her entire worthless family who haven’t done anything meaningful in weeks?


Status: Isaac just finished painting something while high, and it happened to be his own death. Harsh.
Psychological State: Well, his girlfriend just got killed, and then the shape-shifter became her to freak him out, and now he’s prophesized his own death…I’m sure he’s fine, seems about normal to me.


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34 responses to “When We Last Left Our ‘Heroes’…

  1. I agree Niki/Jessica is boring, the only reason they kept her on was they had the intent of that sex scene with her and Nathan. But even that was *yawn*

  2. Jon

    Thanks for the reminders, I didn’t know if I had time to catch up before tonight. 🙂


  3. Chair

    Dude, this ‘shape-shifter’ you speak of. I do not think it means what you think it does. She is in fact more of a master illusionist than a shape-shifter as she has the ability to alter her surroundings.

    Think of her like Eve, but instead of using her voice to make people do/believe what she wants, our little illusionist uses her ability to convince people they are seeing something that isn’t really there.

    (You may argue too that her powers also cross into other senses, taste, smell, touch, etc. As Mr. B’s wife probably doesn’t smell/feel/taste like our little Primatech informant.)

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  5. Amsted

    In the previews that I have seen, it looks like there are changes for everyone. Peter seems to have mastered his telekenisis as he shoves cops around, we see him make out with Niki, we see Nathan in his new political digs, Mohinder with a new hairdo yelling at Nathan about genocide, Hiro vs soul-patch Hiro.

    We also see a stripper…I wonder what powers she has….?

  6. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t even know Heroes was back on tonight!

  7. Yes, please for the love of good, kill of Niki/Jessica and her family. I’ve hated them since I first saw them. Does her ability even rate as a power?

    Everytime they appear in Heroes god kills a kitten.

  8. nola

    i think jessica/niki does not actually have any powers, but is merely mentally ill and experiences adrenalized surges of strength when her ‘illness’ flares up.

  9. I don’t think the primatech chick is a shape shifter. I get the impression that she casts mental illusions.

    She made Simone’s (?) body disappear when the cops showed up in the artist’s apartment.

  10. She very well might not be a shape-shifter, but I have to wonder what form her mental illusions would take. Still, I actually think that would be much more interesting.

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  12. Armando

    Appalling that the only black characters mentioned in the whole article are labeled “worthless”.

  13. D.L. and Micah are not worthless because of their race (I can’t believe I even have to say this). They’re just too disconnected from the core storyline of the series. If anything, should you wish to follow this line of reasoning, this would make the producers intolerant of black characters, as opposed to I or any other viewer. That, however, would be just as ridiculous.

  14. Richee

    Appalling that you see everything with racist eyes, Armando…

  15. Jason

    In fairness, the black guy isn’t the only worthless character.

  16. eon

    If Jessica’s family gets killed, then Hiro would be the only ethnic token in the story line, thus there would be a lack of ratings due to only having a midamerica centric cast. Yes I agree that the powers of her family need to be better arranged into the story line. However, it’s good to see that this show, like Star Trek seemed to have the right intentions on having a multiethnic cast. Hopefully it’s simply a matter of more creative writing. It seems to me that there maybe some sort of struggle over which ethnicity should have top billing, but as the story line seems to be implying Hiro would be the ultimate Hiro even though it seems it’s also attempting to keep the balance together in a Justice League sort of way.

  17. I agree, the Jessica/Nikki character is just boring, the series takes a dive everytime she or her family appear on it.

    Armando, this is not racist, I am mexican…

  18. supersocialist

    Hiro does NOT know he has his powers back. He shut his eyes at the critical moment and never saw the gun alone travel backwards–which is possibly the most difficult thing he’s done yet if you take precision as a factor. Flinging himself through time is probably much easier than isolating a single object (or maybe person) and reversing their flow through time without changing anybody else’s. That was wicked cool.

  19. Roger


    Doesn’t super strenght count as a power? Haven’t you been watching the series?

  20. I think that her super strength is just far too generic, though. Even if that is her power, which is likely is, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that we’ve had to sit through 18 episodes of multiple personality syndrome drama.

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  22. I also agree with the Niki/Jessica dual role. How is being a wimpy, whiny, passive pinup model/single mother with an evil alter-ego who’s her own dead sister equated with being a hero?!

    Either kill the good one off and make her a villian full-time or kill the bad one off and have her step back to simply being the otherwise normal wife of a guy who can walk through walls and the mother of a boy who can telepathically rip off ATM machines!

  23. Jeff

    Uh, you can be racist if you’re a mexican (but your comment wasn’t really rascit).

    I think Niki’s family might do more towards the end of this season, but I don’t know if they will make it towards the 2nd season. I’m fairly certain that they will only bring in 3 or 4 characters from this season.
    Again this is just a guess from my part but I think each season will focus on a new group, and since this one was about people discovering their powers, maybe the next will focus on experianced heroes.

  24. LordPyrex

    supersocialist, I think that you have missed an episode or two in there. Might wanna backtrack and see those as Hiro not only got his sword back, but has travelled to the future.

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  26. Exnie

    Lol… I love the part about peter and sylar. Status: Shoving Peter up against a wall and cutting his head open… Hehehe..

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  28. Oh come on, the Saunders family isn’t that bad. I mean, I’d love to have Micah’s power anyday!

  29. Why does everything have to lead to politics or race?
    Did you happen to forget that Nikki/Jessica’s husband is in a gang????

    That to me makes him worthless, regardless of his race. Kill the scum off! And his slutty wife too!
    The kid has a cool ability, but they f’ed up the storyline- porn star white-trash chick who turns into a psycho breeds with dirty black gangbanger who can walk through walls and they have arabic looking kid who can influence electronics with his brain. WTF???

    This is getting to be like LOST- more suspense and drama, no ending in sight, weird new characters thrown in every few episodes to try to keep it interesting… the only reason i keep watching is in case I get to see the cheerleader’s panties somewhere in there. Eden was formerly the hottest girl on the show.

  30. i agreem …
    niki/jessica is a bore …
    And her son can only repair phones and hack ATMs …
    may be a nerd/geek in the making …
    but ordinary people can do that too … right ?
    show us what Sylar can do …

  31. Mike

    I guess they will drag this out for as many seasons as they can. I think this season should end with the prevention of Peter blowing up NY – then start next season with a new problem like with 24.

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  33. JaG

    Thank you for this! I’m about to watch episode 19!

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