Heroes – ‘.07%’

Heroes – ‘.07%’

[Previously on Heroes: Well, there’s a lot to cover, so head over to ‘When we Last Left Our Heroes…’ for some more detail. The result is a Linderman-specific narration of the last episode and the head space of each character. Perfect moments frozen in portraits. Together, they can tell the future]

We open to Mr. Bennet in a room at Primatech Paper, as “Claire” comes into the room to spend some time with him. Honestly, she’s just messing with his head at this point. Candice is having some fun, but Thompson (Is that his name?) stops in and orders her elsewhere. Mr. Bennet is still largely untouched, and Thompson says this is because of their friendship. There’s some talk of following orders, and Thompson promises to bring him a book.

We return to the Corinthian Hotel, Linderman’s home, as we see his rather substantial art collection. Linderman is waiting for his day of judgment, when he will be remembered as a humanitarian. He needs Nathan to save the world, to heal the world, and Nathan asks what he knows about healing. The answer is quite simple: he can heal things (This was shown in the Web Comics, by the way, which can be found at NBC.com), as he displays on a dead plant conveniently located in the area.


Parkman is locked into a room similar to Sylar’s old one, and his imminent death is basically awaiting him…but Bennet is spending some time chatting through his head, which is in everyone’s best interest. Through morse code of sorts, Parkman agrees to go alone with his plan to save his life.

Nathan and Linderman eye a piece of work with Hiro in it, and Linderman tells Nathan to tell Hiro that he wants his sword back. They move on, and Linderman mentions a brighter future…which includes the giant explosion. Linderman goes on to explain that he found his powers when he was younger, and at that time people came together to make a difference for the world. For awhile they worked well, but then some of his friends went to the dark side. They used their powers for personal gain, and all the good they had done amounted to nothing. He learned that healing one person at a time wasn’t good enough. He needed to do something big…which apparently means blowing up New York? Okay, there.

Half of New York would die, Nathan says, but to Linderman that is only .07% of the world’s population. In the wake of the explosion a united sense of hope can arise, with Nathan as its leader, which can allow for a unified global perspective and Nathan as a presidential hopeful in its aftermath. Nathan figures that this is unlikely, since he’s down in the polls…and then Linderman pulls out a painting of Nathan in the Oval Office. Nathan is all “But what about Peter? You’re insane!” and Linderman is all “Oooh, you bastard, I’m going to stare menacingly.”

Parkman, meanwhile, is continuing to spend some time chatting with Bennet regarding his situation, and Bennet points him to a rusty pipe and a three minute window. And now his old plumbing skills are becoming handy (That wasn’t useless after all). Bennet is leading the mind chating, and Parkman knocks out a guard and escapes…

And then (finally!) we return to Peter entering Mohinder’s apartment. Mohinder is in pretty bad shape, and Sylar holds him up to the wall unhappily. That’s quite the scar right there…and Peter shoves Sylar back into the wall immediately and Mohinder alls to the ground. Sylar immediately rises, not done with Mohinder, but Peter goes invisible…and Sylar counters with the Flying Shards of Glass Attack. And then the superhearing, that will be not good at all for Peter. And, sure enough, a shard of glass hits the back of Peter’s head, and we’ve got a winner…sort of. Because Mohinder totally maps his ass [aka pushes the giant map into him] to the floor and then ruses to assist Peter. He’s pretty out of it.

Claire is spending some time with Mama Petrelli, perusing some family photos figuring out that, wow, she’s got herself a nice little family here. Mama Petrelli knew she existed, and kept her a secret from Peter and the rest of the family, and cared about her in her own special way. Claire is a little pissed about the “we let others believe that she was dead.” Mama Petrelli knows about the powers, and knows she is special, and wishes that Claire would be sensible and just go off to gay Paris and see what a normal life coculd be like. For, you see, Mama Petrelli didn’t have that choice, because she has a power too. And it’s not just her mouthiness.

Sylar is choking, coughing, as he gets up (A map knocked him out? Huh?) and then he realizes that Mohinder has destroyed the list. The only person who remains is Isaac, who is packing up the last pages of 9th Wonders and handing them off to the messengers. Isaac is giving away his worldly possession, convinced of his imminent doom, which is really quite accepting of him.

And now it’s for a rather annoying segueway into the lives of Jessica and D.L. chatting about what has been brought into their house. Jessica plays the “No one is going to hire a black ex-con” card, and D.L. plays the Micah card, and then two burly men stop by to bring her to Linderman. Micah can’t be part of this life, D.L. says, and Jessica can say goodbye tonight.

Meanwhile, Bennet is explaining to Parkman how to get out of Primatech safely, and we learn that there’s something he wants him to do. The answer? Get Radioactive Ted out of the building. Ted is unsure of this, but they have to move quick; the alarm has been sounded.

Meanwhile, at Mama Petrelli’s, Mohinder stops by to inform her of her son’s death. He apparently brought the corpse with him, which is kind of awkward. Mama Petrelli asks him to leave, and Claire comes down to see Peter’s corpse on display. This is oddly awkward, not going to lie.

Jessica has arrived at Linderman’s, and he is actually going to see her in person. Jessica is clearly a little annoyed, but there is a small favour that he needs. It’s something off the charts, apparently, and he needs to borrow…Micah. That’s kind of harsh. Linderman wants Micah to achieve something monumental, but Jessica says he wasn’t part of the deal. He is involved by his birth, whether she likes it or not, and he’ll even make him a sandwich.

Linderman isn’t making a request, though, it is a demand…but Jessica stalks of anyways. He decides to take out an insurance policy on Ms. Sanders. Harsh.

Meanwhile, as the alarm goes off at Primatech, Bennet is spending some time explaining through Parkman how Ted shuld make an EMP by burning bright, as opposed to hot…and sure enough it works. That’s kind of well done, but now Ted doesn’t want to go back for Bennet. Parkman, however, knows that we need to save him since he got them this far. They need him, they realize, and thus rescue him before heading out.

Meanwhile, after the fastest plane ride ever, Nathan arrives back in New York to watch over Peter’s corpse and fake a fair amount of emotion over his corpse. Mama Petrelli believes that they should hide the death, until after the election…but here’s something else they might consider hiding. Claire. His illegitimate daughter. (PS: Whatever happened to Rena Sofer? You’d think his wife would be wondering where he was at this point.) Claire shares a moment over her uncle’s corpse, and realizes that the class is still in his head…and much like her own corpse, that’s the only thing keeping him dead. Nice callback. Claire figures they’re even now.

Peter is trying to decide whether to put the piece of glass under his pillow, and Nathan has some identity issues wondering what would have happened if Peter had died. Peter and Nathan gossip about Claire’s power, and Nathan gets excited…what happens if Peter is able to blow up New York AND survive with Claire’s power. Peter is all “you need to get to know your daughter, who is so clearly connected to this real event of sorts…and he believes that in saving the cheerleader perhaps he saved the world. Mama Petrelli, meanwhile, steps in and tells them she knows. She’s known long before they did.

Mr. Bennet is dining with Parkman and Ted, who is continuing to have serious issues understanding that there is a tracking device to New York City…and they’ve got a bus ticket. Thompson said something about Linderman, as heard by Parkman, and laughs when he realizes that Bennet wasn’t aware of Linderman’s role in this whole thing. Parkman thinks they go to Vegas, but Bennet thinks they should take out the tracking system in the big apple. Ted’s game, even.

Jessica is totally picking up Micah from home, which is a terribly bad idea considering that there are now three toughguys outside. Jessica is all “Linderman has puppies and likes special kids.” Linderman is actually present at the meeting, and asks if Micah would like to save the world…and then Jessica just lets him go. Of course, however, it’s not Jessica. It’s actually Candice. Uh oh.

Mohinder is spending some time chatting with Thompson who has also caught a magic plane ride from Texas to New York, but anyways. He expected to find Bennet, but instead he has found a more evil man. Thompson informs him they have similar priorities, and offers to let him into their group.

Meanwhile, Isaac is painting the future…when Sylar stops by. Isaac knows he is going to kill him, and Isaac isn’t going to start screaming. He’s decided to stop fighting the future, and he wants Sylar to do something. You see, Sylar gets stopped. He dies. Isaac is trying to put one over on him here, and Isaac’s attempt at getting a fun is none too…oh jesus, he just shit a paintbrush into his arm. Which is harsh. Isaac doesn’t need to watch it happen now. He’s destroyed everything good, he wants to do one good thing before he died. He painted Sylar’s future, but has destroyed it. This is his one good deed. Isaac has found his part, dying here with him. He finally gets to be a hero. And then brain cuttage.

Nathan ponders the glass shard for awhile, and then uses it to cut open his presidential painting so he can stare at it longingly. Claire, meanwhile, comes in for a chat. The room is very dark, this isn’t a very fatherly discussion at all. Claire tells him he doesn’t have to pretend, but he isn’t pretending: he wants to be there for her. But he can’t. Not now. Not during an election. Not during the time when he’ll have to turn his back on his family in order to become President in Linderman’s evil alliance. Claire misses the subtext there, and Nathan is all “Yeah, well, head off for a week to Paris and get out of my hair so I can blow up New York and save the world the Linderman way.”

Meanwhile, Sylar is trying out his new painting the future technique, and it appears that he has a very different White House in mind…and then finally we’re back to five years in the future with Hiro and Ando. They didn’t stop it, Hiro failed, it was all for nothing. He thinks how many people must have died, but Ando realizes that he has the sword. He can teleport them back. Ando doesn’t like the future.

Hiro thinks they need to find their mistakes and fix them. And decides to go to Mr. Isaac. Hiro is hoping that Sylar is caught, and Isaac is alive, and has more or less no evidence of this…and then he goes into Issaac’s apartment and finds a shitload of pictures handing on clotheslines. What is all of this…a timeline of sorts. It’s a giant timeline of all of the heroes and their paths to this point in time. This includes Nathan becoming president, and there’s someone in the room as Hiro sees an article that catches his eye…and it’s…

FUTURE HIRO! They both have the sword. Oh snap!

“To Be Continued…”


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3 responses to “Heroes – ‘.07%’

  1. couldnt wait for the download to finish …
    so read your thingy here …
    heroes rock …

  2. ramblingjenn

    YAY for Heroes! But didnt you think last nights episode was kinda uneventful? Im sure its because we had to wait sooo long to get to this episode and I was looking for the season opener kind of excitement but anyway it was good and I cannot wait until next week!
    Jenn Loves Heroes!

  3. Joe

    No Entourage post? An average episode, but still.

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