Tuesday Night TV Society – May 1st (Gilmores, Idol, Veronica)

Gilmore Girls

David S. Rosenthal is doing his darndest to salvage what was left behind by Amy Sherman-Palladino in the span of, oh, three episodes. He’s used every trick in the book: giant hay mazes, car shopping, wardrobe changes, and even karaoke of all things. And, do you know what? It’s heavy-handed, cliched, and yet in the end…it kind of works. This being said, I worry somewhat about where things are headed. With Lorelai and Luke heading towards some sort of resolution, Rory and Logan apparently heading to the altar, Zach heading out on tour with VapoRub…everything seems very, oh, I don’t know, final. It’s like they’re handicapping the possibility of a series finale hanging in the balance, and yet they don’t seem like they’re ready for it. I just want to avoid a 7th Heaven-like scenario where things clearly came to a resolution and then “Surprise!” we need to fill another 13-22 episodes.

With 13 episodes looking more and more likely, I at least hope that the show leaves us hanging and with some sort of future for these characters that can fill that period of time. I also hope, perhaps against all odds, that Amy returns to write/direct the eventual finale. I’m sure her new pilot will fail anyways, it’s on FOX.

American Idol

Note to American Idol Producers: there are a lot of terms synonymous with rock out there, and sadly Jon Bon Jovi is not one of them. I thought this was “Rock” night, not the catalogue of the enjoyable in their own special way Bon Jovi. It basically placed the contestants into a situation where no real individuality was easily shown (I’ll get to Blake in a second) and any originality that came out wasn’t a true extension of their own tastes. If it’s going to be a single artist week, they need to have a diverse catalogue: sappy ballads and raucous “I’m awesome, now I’m going to sing about it” is not diversity, as much as there’s some quality tripe in there.

Now, here’s the thing we need to remember: this week won’t matter much in the long run. Without the “Idol Gives Back” push to vote, chances are that the show will likely top off at 40 million votes…and there’s 70 Million kicking around from last week. This means that if Jordin, for instance, dominated last week with her apparently amazing performance, she could finish last this week and still eke out someone who was in the bottom two last week but performs well tonight, such as LaKisha. Similarly, if people didn’t enjoy Blake last week but really enjoyed his ballsy treatment of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” it can only make so much difference in the long run. Melinda is likely the most safe, with two quality performances unlikely to damage her base support.In the end, I think that Chris, Phil and LaKisha are in danger of going home. Blake’s performance tonight will save him, I think, and Jordin will have enough of a fanbase to overcome a rather awful performance (But to be fair: I respect her more than LaKisha because she actually tried to sing a rock song. And because LaKisha had never listened to Bon Jovi. Come on! [/Gob]) . This leaves Chris and Phil, and one of them could squeak through; both have had their stays in the Bottom Three, and neither really stepped it up this week. Phil was his normal Nosferatu-esque self, and Chris was his normal nasally self. Week-over-week, they just neither did anything to be remembered, good or bad, and it’s going to hurt them.

Will it be Blake and the Girls? Or perhaps LaKisha gets the boot and we’ve got an evenly matched Final Four? Only time will tell.

Veronica Mars

It was charming. It was witty. And yet, for some reason, I couldn’t get into tonight’s episode of Veronica Mars. I don’t think it’s an issue of the lack of a large-scale mystery that did it, either, but rather just a relatively short patience for the basic relationship drama that the show turned into. It’s all about Logan/Parker, Veronica/Piz, Wallace and Piz/The Pool Girl, Dick and the MySpace Girls, Mac/Bronson, Mac/Max, Restaurant Daughter/Jewish Frat Boy, etc. The show has had a deft hand in managing romance to this point, always having to kind of shove it aside for some good drama every now and then. All of a sudden, Veronica Mars basically turned into One Tree Hill. And, for those not aware, I consider that a bad thing. A very bad thing.

Mind you, those romances were handled fairly well and with a whole lot more class than The CW’s Wednesday drama could ever muster. But, at the same time, I felt it was just too much too soon. Mac finding a connection with Max complicates her relationship with Bronson, and while they’re cute together that’s a complication on top of Logan/Parker/Veronica/Piz. The levels of drama on the show, often ranging from friendships to class rivalries to racial conflicts, seem to have boiled down to pure relationship drama. The episode dealt with racial issues during its “A” Plot, but the thing is…that isn’t the A plot anymore. Really, in place of an overarching mystery, we’ve received relationship drama.

I’m nowhere near writing off the show, and if it gets the show renewed in some form I’m all for it, but for me…it just isn’t the same. It’s not that it’s lacking something, but rather that their decision was to replace that something with the part of the show that has never quite been my cup of tea.

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