Reviewing the Finales: Entourage – “Adios Amigos”

It’s kind of hard to get excited about this, the 3rd Season Finale of HBO’s Entourage. No, it’s not really the quality of the show, it’s been fairly decent heading into it. No, the problem is that in just two weeks the show’s 4th Season begins. That’s right: only next week will be Entourage-free. As a result, one can’t help but feel that any cliffhangers will be somewhat less suspenseful knowing that in only two weeks we’ll get our conclusion. And, smartly, the episode didn’t end on a cliffhanger at all. Sure, there are multiple story threads sitting around waiting to be picked up that could cause some trouble, but they’re all left at that stage. With a Spanish-language version of “Hotel California” playing us out, we’re left wondering about the future of Medellín, about the future of Johnny’s series (and his finances) and in general the future of this entourage. And, well, I’m kind of happy that we’ll find out in just two weeks.

The episode benefited greatly from the sense of upheaval felt within it. Moving out of the house, the four leads find themselves each with their lives at a crossroads. Vince is again homeless, and again finds himself struggling to pull together Medellin after he refused to sleep with the financier’s wife in the previous episode. Eric, meanwhile, is moving in with Sloan, and finds himself with an important decision to make regarding the future of their relationship. Drama, meanwhile, has to move out on his own while his series is a success, and finds that picking an apartment is a bit different than what he was expecting. And Turtle…uh, Turtle was there.And in the end the show did a good job of pulling it together as a cohesive finale that was disappointing for one major reason: not enough Ari. As usually happens around every season finale of this show, Ari kind of take a secondary role to the drama of Vince and Co. While there is no question that it provided some decent drama, Ari is a much more interesting character than…well, everyone else. And his general absence from the episode was disappointing.

And really, things were left at a satisfying but questionable note. Vince has his financing, but has to deal with Queens Boulevard director Billy Walsh (Slumming as a Porn director) and his “final cut” status. Eric, while dealing with Billy as well, has to deal with Sloan’s hope for a commitment should he decide to travel to Columbia for 6 Months. And Drama, well, just paid $1.5 Million for an apartment with no clue as to whether “Five Towns” will be picked up. And Turtle…well, Turtle is Turtle.

And so a season of Entourage begins, just as a new one is prepared to start. And, on the whole, it was a good note to leave on. The return of Debi Mazar’s Shauna was entertaining, Billy Walsh is always a hoot (His feud with Eric always brings the funny), and some intriguing drama has been created for the life story of Pablo Escobar to unfold. Sure, there wasn’t enough Ari, but I guess I’ve forgive them as long as they make sure that he plays a prominent role even as Vince heads to Columbia. With Drama staying in L.A., Eric’s future with Sloan in limbo, Vince heading off to Columbia and Turtle…well, Turtle being Turtle, there needs to be a place for Ari in all of it. And, we’ll find out just what that place is when Entourage returns in two weeks time.

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