Weekend Box Office (June 1st-3rd) – Insert “Knocked Up” Pun Here

Well, while it wasn’t #1 at the Box Office this weekend, the big story from the weekend’s box office is the success of Knocked Up, director Judd Apatow’s follow-up to the 40 Year Old Virgin. With rave reviews (It’s the highest rated wide-opening film of the year on Metacritic) and positive word of mouth, the film basically made back its entire budget at the box office this weekend with its solid #2 finish. How’d the Top 5 go down?

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

$43, 188,000 (-62%)

Total: $216 Million

The 3rd Pirates film falls hard in its second weekend, although not as poorly as Spider-Man 3 percentage wise. Still, after opening weaker, the film looks to struggle in order to match the box office receipts of even the 1st Pirates film.

2. Knocked Up

$29,284,000 (NEW)

Total: $29,284,000

Seth Rogen steps into his first leading role and knocks it out of the park with this one, opening over 40% stronger than Steve Carell’s The 40 Year Old Virgin. This opening proves that word of mouth still has a role to play in this day and age, and with some strong holds over the coming weeks the film could perhaps outperform the 100+ Million of its predecessor. Standing in the way, however, is Ocean’s 13 opening next weekend.

3. Shrek the Third

$26,704,000 (-49.7%)

Total: $254,611,000

It’s a decent drop off for Shrek the Third this week, although there are still concerns as to whether it can continue at this pace. Certainly, with a glut of competition, the film isn’t quite able to provide as much staying power as its predecessor. The real test will be how it can perform against next week’s Surf’s Up. Cute penguins may just be Shrek’s downfall after all, it appears. The road seems clear, however, for Ratatouille unless Surf’s Up is a blockbuster success.

4. Mr. Brooks

$10,020,000 (NEW)

Total: $10,020,000

Kevin Costner wasn’t able to bring much business to this serial killer flick, and Dane Cook fans didn’t exactly flock to his first dramatic role. Solid reviews could have helped this one get a good start, but like Perfect Stranger a month ago the reviews just weren’t very kind to the film as a whole.

5. Spider-Man 3

$7,500,000 (-47.7%)

Total: $318,264,000

No film making this much money can be considered a failure, but it’s certainly not been quite the blockbuster Sony likely hoped for. Still, at this rate, it is likely to remain the highest earner of the three May blockbusters, so Sony can at least trumpet that for a while into the future.

For the Full Box Office Results, check out BoxOfficeMojo’s Weekend Box Office Results.

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