Traveler – “The Tells” Review

Switching gears from high-action chase sequence to a match of wits between Will and Kate, someone who works for Will’s mysterious organization, this week’s episode of Traveler allowed us a glimpse further into what exactly it is Will did during that period, while Tyler and Jay continue to make more headway than expected in their quest to find their friend. And in the end, it’s all about the Tells: Jay and Tyler never saw Will’s apparent purpose in their interactions with him, Will saw the organization’s mistrust in him with the 2nd man at the Drexler, and Kate saw Will’s tells during her interrogation…or thought she did.

On the whole the episode was a nice change of pace for the series. While Tyler and Jay are still traveling around the Northeast U.S. as if every state is minutes apart, I think that the brisk pace keeps the show from being bogged down at any one point. However, it was still nice to be able to stop and rest on Will’s story for a change. This character has been pretty well left behind over the past four weeks, other than in flashback, and gaining new insight into his character was important. By learning that he really did become friends with his targets, and that he didn’t really know the endgame until the very end, Will becomes an immediately more sympathetic character. After murdering Kate and sending their people to the wrong location (An exploding one at that), Will is out on his own and fighting for survival…but now we’re on his side.

The fifth of the series’ eight episodes, things appear to be moving forward at a brisk pace. With, as far as we know, everyone headed to New York for the show’s finale, look for things to heat up in the coming weeks. With Jay and Tyler now more mistrustful of Will than ever considering his gun and pile of passports, a sense a confrontation coming our way. And I’m looking forward to it.


– This episode certainly benefitted from a lack of Jay’s girlfriend in the picture. Her character was never interesting enough to hold our attention, and dumping her at this point would be wise…but with Jay coming to New York, it seems unlikely.

– The FBI folks aren’t boring, necessarily, but their storyline this week didn’t really come together all that well. They have yet to get a real piece in the puzzle that could break it open on their end, and until they do they’re just treading water. Or in this case, catching criminals and then having Homeland Security break them out.

– Maybe it’s just me, but shouldn’t they have sent someone other than Kate to watch the outside of that room? It’s not as if she was overly safe with him just tied to the chair. Plus, if there was surveillance, why didn’t anyone stop Will from leaving?

– That being said, Kate (Played by Stephanie Niznik, best known as Nina on Everwood) was a great foil for Will, and their scenes were well acted. The show has thus far done a good job of casting these small supporting roles in order to surround our leads with as much tension as possible.

– While I know it wasn’t the focus of the episode, the clues are coming a tiny bit too easily to Jay and Tyler. They seem to come up with an answer or clue every single time. Plus, why was Tyler so surprised to find a gun, as if it damned Will; they found one at the Yale library too. And that was like yesterday. Or the day before? I don’t even know. I’ve stopped paying attention to things like time and space.

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  1. T

    Print off this picture ( OR and mail it to ABC at:

    ABC, Inc.
    500 S. Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA 91521-4551

    Jack Kerouac, author of “On the Road,” Will’s ‘inspiration’ for the road trip, wonders where Will Traveler is.

    Come on, print it out, send it in, and make your friends do it as well. We need a strong grass roots campaign to save our show and let the execs know we’re tired of them canceling shows before giving them a chance to blossom!

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