Canadian Idol – Week One – Liveblogging the Results

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to your Canadian Idol results Liveblog. Who will be headed home, and who will be safe another week? Let’s see.

7:30pm: Ben Mulroney opens with your typical preview of the night’s action along with the usual rapid fire introduction of the judges. It is apparently Zack’s birthday.

7:31pm: Here’s…well, everything we already saw from the guys. All of the details are here: Week One – The Guys.

7:32pm: Impressively, they smash them all into one minute per night and the girls were next: Week One – The Girls.

7:34pm: And Ben is back with the guys, four of which will be sent to center stage before two are eliminated. Derek is first: Bottom Four, predictably. Next is Matt: Safe for another week, despite the lack of charisma.

7:35pm: Jaydee: Safe (I typed that without even waiting for Ben). Tyler: Safe. Cliffton: Bottom Four (Woo!).

7:36pm: Liam: Safe. Brian (W/ Hat): Safe. Justyn: Bottom Four (Cut to: Scarlett looking shocked. They totally had that camera move planned). Dwight, Greg and Andrew are left on the bottom couch awaiting their fate…which is totally uncool to poor Andrew who is so clearly going that they don’t stretch it out over the next commercial break: Andrew is the final member of the bottom Four.

7:40pm: Bottom Four Guys: Derek, Cliffton, Andrew and Justyn. Deserved pretty well all around. I am impressed.

7:41pm: The ladies. Please note: Montana is wearing a ludicrous top hat that needs to be seen to be believed.

7:42pm: Montana is first: Safe. Martha: Safe, to my surprise. Mila (Sans Fro): Bottom Four, much to her surprise. Shouldn’t have gotten rid of the fro. Tara: Safe, of course. Carly Rae: Safe.

7:43pm: Khalila: Safe. Scarlett, Naomi Joy, Maud are all lumped together…and Naomi and Maud make their way to the bottom four while Scarlett is safe. Christina and Annika are left: the final member of the bottom four is Christine. Youth over experience, it seems.

7:45pm: Girls’ Bottom Four – Maud, Naomi Joy, Mila, Christine.

7:46pm: I kind of cheated with the girls, and greatly underestimated Martha Joy’s fanbase, but these results are directly in line with my predictions. I’m saying it’ll be Justyn and Andrew, and then Maud and Christine…but that can change.

7:48pm: Zack thinks – Christine and Maud. Wow. Go Zack. Farley thinks Naomi and Mila are staying. Ummm…okay, guys, I don’t like being prophetic, it creeps me out. Sass thinks that Justyn and Andrew are going home…and Jake thinks that Andrew and Derek should stay. I totally wrote that before they said those predictions, I swear.

7:49pm: Ben ends the suspense for Naomi Joy Blackhall, who rides her Nova Scotia roots to simply a Bottom Four and not Bottom Two performance.

7:50pm: And for the guys…it’s Cliffton Murray, of course, who is able to survive his Bottom Four slot based on his acting alone. Final results are next.

7:52pm: The guys are first up and…Andrew is safe. Which means that Derek and Justyn are headed home. We, again, cut to Scarlett who kind of looks around like “What now?” Hilarious.

7:53pm: The girls are similarly predictable, right in line with what to expect – Christine and Maud are sent packing while Mila makes it back to the couches. Maud says that her best experience was meeting these talented people. Christine doesn’t regret anything, and is grateful for friendships.

7:54pm: Derek thinks his voters will follow him to the ends of the earth. Justyn is feeling disappointed, and thinks that Canada isn’t looking for him and he can’t fight that. Zack says that they weren’t part of the extremes that people represented…which Maud was, but she was just weird. Same with Justyn, really. Derek as well. They were at some extremes, but just not that good.

7:55pm: Sass thinks that Derek is a star who picked an “obscure” song (Really? I thought he just sucked, regardless). Farley says something about omniscience, and then Jake name drops Gwen Stefani.

7:57pm: Their Idol journeys – Derek waxes nostalgic about post-secondary education, Justyn thought it was as very unique and exciting experience, Christine felt it was life-changing and difficult, while Maud feels that going so far has allowed her to grow and improve her future.

7:58pm: Goodnight, Canada! And apparently Idol will be on at 9 EST on Monday…does this mean the ratings were bad on Monday? Hmmm… Until then!



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2 responses to “Canadian Idol – Week One – Liveblogging the Results

  1. lukewarm

    Perfect! I taped the wrong station (duh) so it’s great to see a live recap. Thanks!

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