Traveler – “The Trader” Review

After last week gave us a glimpse into the life of Will Traveler, which opened the series up to new areas of investigation, ABC’s Traveler is heading towards its finale. First and foremost, we are now following yet another story line in full detail. This is good, since Jay and Tyler have been somewhat repetitive in past weeks, and something fresh is needed. With the FBI always one step behind the “suspects,” that formula is shaken up slightly by Traveler’s introduction back into our core narrative. However, the problem is that it didn’t really ignite the show’s storytelling beyond its other elements. There was some decent advancement on a few levels, but the structure of the series didn’t advance much further. Still, the show is moving along at its usual breakneck pace, and the drama between Tyler and Jay has served to add a bit more suspense to the show’s conclusion. Is Tyler the trader for turning on Jay, or is his father the trader for selling out his own son? I’m personally thinking it’s the latter.

The episode is basically the psychological impact that will lead into the finale: Tyler, specifically, finally has to deal with his reality and turn into a real rebel with a cause. The realization that his father sold him out, and that he basically tried to ensure his family could live on without him was extremely harsh, and does a lot to add depth for Tyler’s character. The problem is that the remainder of the episode didn’t really pull together in the same fashion: Will seemed fairly stagnant, and never really got an opportunity to advance, while Jay just pined over Kim some more with little progress.

We’re about where we were last week, just with some more repercussions between Tyler and Jay. Will is on the lamb, and is shooting and kicking people left and right, and the FBI is still not quite on the boys’ trail. However, the show decides to throw a real cliffhanger at us for a change. Tyler runs for his life after witnessing the FBI raid on Eddie’s apartment, and one wonders where things go from here. The episode didn’t really bring a lot to the table, especially after last week’s episode, but I don’t think it constitutes a loss of momentum as it enters its final two episodes.

In Review

– Was Will seriously dumb enough to return to Maya’s house just after he escaped from the Homeland Security people? Who does that? It doesn’t make a lick of sense, and despite needing the key I don’t think he should have risked it in such a brazen fashion. Seriously, why wouldn’t he get ambushed? He kicked the guy’s ass in an awesome fashion, but it was entirely implausible that he would take such a risk without some sort of stealth.

– The Three Continents investigation seems a bit dull for Tyler and Jay, to be honest. It does, however, provide some clues that link back to his father’s comment about Holloway Insurance and their connection to the Drexler bombing (Insider Training, those bastards!). Meanwhile, what kind of cleaning crew has guns? An evil one, that’s what kind.

– The FBI figuring out Will and starting to figure out the Homeland Security connection has been a bit slow going, but it was nice to see them make some advancements in this episode. Their progress is actually kind of good for the story, even if we’re not rooting for them to “get their man”.

– Eddie (Guest Star Tyler Labine) may have just been a means to an end, but it also felt a bit too convenient. How do they happen to have friends and others in these positions? And what is the point of it all? It just seems like things are still too easy for Jay and Tyler, and perhaps they should have to work for it just a little bit.

– It’s nice to see the show’s conspiracy start to unravel out from under the show without much fuss: Carlton’s involvement and the subsequent realities sinking in with Tyler help pull together the pieces without too much confusion. Straightforward is good, here, and it works to the show’s advantage.

– Will meets yet another agent of sorts, and the mysterious Alex tells him he is a soldier. She clearly states what we already knew…and then pulls a knife on him. Seriously, is he just an excuse to get a choreographer hired or something? Because these fight scenes are just so random. Can’t Will be a badass without being Jason Bourne?


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  1. Will’s actions might have seen brazen, but we now know he’s a well trained agent so I think he can handle himself.

    I’m not a big fan of Tyler, but I felt bad for him this episode.

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