JRR (Jericho Rerun Report) Week Two: “Recap” and “Black Jack”

It is regrettable, to say the least, that I won’t be able to be present this evening to watch what is decidedly the most important night for fans of Jericho and for those who used to be fans of Jericho. With much of the CBS show’s audience loss taking place after the mid-season hiatus, the recap special airing at 8pm EDT is a perfect way for those fans to return to the show with a refresher course followed immediately by “Black Jack”, the next episode, at 9pm EDT.

I am one of those people, one of those people who unfortunately stopped watching before things apparently picked up in the show’s second half. This was the night I was supposed to give it a big chance, start fresh with this series. Alas, I am actually heading to a White Stripes concert this evening, and will unfortunately be absent.

However, I still encourage everyone to check out these episodes of television if you’re at home and don’t have a White Stripes concert to attend. This is the moment that people should be rallying together for: while the pilot is fine and good, this is where the series both gets interesting and where it began to suffer in the ratings. The more people who get hooked now, the more that might be around when the show’s third season premieres.

Forget about ratings for tonight, even though they certainly are going to be the big story tomorrow: instead, focus on what this could mean from a fanbase perspective. This is huge, folks. Make it count.

Also feel free to leave your thoughts about the episodes after they air below.

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One response to “JRR (Jericho Rerun Report) Week Two: “Recap” and “Black Jack”

  1. Thanks for the article. Yes, it’s a big night. Sorry you have to miss it. It’s definitely the night to get hooked.

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