Canadian Idol – August 7th – Results – Another One Bites the Dust…

Welcome, everyone, to what becomes fateful moment for Canadian Idol. After a theme night that divided the contestants, and after three consecutive females being kicked off the show it’s time to see whether or not a male is finally sent packing.

But first, it’s time for the filler: let’s run it down.

First, we have the Idols taking in We Will Rock You, where Brian May has some opinion changing words for the Idols. He apparently wasn’t all that big on the whole process before, but now he’s really into their singer-songwriter vibe. I have to ask: which ones apply to that? Just sayin’: I’d argue Season Two had more of that vibe, but that’s just me.

Second, we’ve got the show’s two big performances before we get to the results: well, not really. We’re only getting a taped version of their performance during the We Will Rock You show. Greg gets all excited, Carly Rae is hyped, and Matt says Oh my gosh.

Third, it’s time for the Idols to perform some of the hits of Queen. This group is NOT designed for group sings; Jaydee basically kills a song dead every time he touches it when it’s part of a group. It’s just way too awkward, and they’re much better when he basically stops singing at certain points. It happens: you can’t even hear his voice at certain points. They bring out the star of We Will Rock You for…”We Will Rock You,” which concludes the group sing. Well, they didn’t butcher anything, so that proves me wrong.

I wonder how much the box office for We Will Rock You will go up as a result of this…because honestly, they’re selling this show pretty damn hard at this point.

Finally, we get some results.

Dwight? Nova Scotia keeps him safe. Carly Rae? Walks down into the Bottom Three. How sexist.

Tara? Newfoundland keeps her safe. Brian? Finds his way into the Bottom Three. How…uncool.

Matt? Greg? Jaydee? It’s…GREG. Which, wow. This is the most ridiculous bottom three in the history of mankind.

Zack thinks Carly Rae is going home, which is pretty well right. Jake thinks that they were actually the Top Three, but Canada not so much with the agreement. Of course, however, Carly Rae is safe…which just wow.

We’re sending our first guy home, and after the break we’ll see if it’s Brian or Greg. What is most frustrating at this point is that I wouldn’t be all sad to see either of them go: I think Brian is yet to break through as an artist and Greg has never been appealing for me. That being said, the fact that Matt and Jaydee are sitting on the couches after destroying their respective songs while two people who are clearly better artists stand on the stage.

It’s clear, however, that the fan bases operate on a reactionary pattern: Matt was in the Bottom Two last week, and now he’s in the top half of the voting. There’s just no consistency, and that is going to seriously hurt the show’s credibility in the eyes of discerning viewers.

And, after a long commercial break that allowed me to ramble, let’s see who is eliminated.

“Canada voted…Greg…you’re eliminated.”

Rocket. Man. All. Over. Again. Greg Neufeld has been eliminated from Canadian Idol. Ben Mulroney proceeds to pretend he’s being all off the cuff and says that Canada got it wrong; he started being all awkward, but he pulled it together well and is perhaps the most honest I’ve seen him. The judges aren’t shocked (It had a 50% chance of happening), but they’re certainly affected by it.

And oh my god, he has to sing out with We Are the Champions. Oh god. This is just unfair. He shouldn’t have to do this. Zack literally shakes his head in disgust, and Greg stands there wondering how he could be eliminated before his Pop/Rock Maroon 5 week. And as he sings out to We Are the Champions, it sounds even more unfair: he already did this part last year, this year was supposed to be his chance to become the champion.

‘Twas not to be. Way to go, Canada, destroying hopes and dreams and all.

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  1. i think kristy lee cook is fake

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