Summer TV Wrapup: Most Watchable Reruns – “Jericho”

It is my view that summer reruns are an underutilized tool in promoting a series; however, I see where the concerns lie. There is little reason for people to turn into reruns: they’ve likely already seen the episode, and even if they haven’t they’re unlikely to choose a repeat over new programming on another network. However, some reruns are more watchable than others, and there is one distinct reason why: because people have a reason to watch.

When Jericho was renewed by CBS in June after a month-long fan campaign to save the show, there was a promise made that the show would be rerunning over the summer. Immediately, fans began to get people excited about this prospect. Jericho is the perfect series for reruns: it lost a portion of its original audience thanks to a hiatus, and it created buzz that made people curious enough to tune in.

And there’s where I think comes the show’s watchability: you feel like you’re watching something that has been earned, that has been warranted, and that has some sort of meaning. This isn’t just CBS filling the schedule: this is the work of thousands of devoted fans beaming into your television set Fridays at 9pm. I, personally, find that somewhat inspiring.

Now that we’re into episodes I have never seen, it is so interesting to see how the show progressed. And yet, even hardcore fans are rewatching episodes, and finding new things they’ve never seen before. These aren’t just reruns, they’re an extended victory lap for these fans, and they’re making the most of it.

Could they be getting better ratings? Absolutely. But, in the end, I don’t think that this in any way negates their intrinsic value. In an era where reruns are apparently taboo for serial programs, Jericho is bucking that trend and making a name for itself. When the show returns at midseason, hopefully someone will look back and realize how good these reruns were for the series.

For now, naming them the Most Watchable Reruns of this summer season is the most I can do. The Jericho Rerun Report, a recurring feature, could return next week: I’ve fallen behind thanks to various activities, but I do plan on bringing it back. In the meantime, here’s our coverage thus far.

Cultural Learnings’ Jericho Rerun Report Coverage


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11 responses to “Summer TV Wrapup: Most Watchable Reruns – “Jericho”

  1. As always, Myles, you do an outstanding job covering Jericho. It is much appreciated. I love your comment about the extended victory lap. That’s exactly what it is.
    Thanks for the article.

  2. judist63

    I am so happy to see you again posting about Jericho and yes, we fans that supported the campaign to bring it back are in our happy place. The reruns are great and we do see things in the repeats that we may have missed in the original airing. I hope that our “extended victory lap” isn’t interupted with all the pre-emption that is going on for football games. Thank you for your article!

  3. ahma2

    Thank you so much, what a great article. We really trying to make the best out of these reruns to attract new fans, I know I have pestered everyone I come into contact with about watching them. That is after I have given them a complete rundown of anything they may have missed so far!

  4. alisa

    Thanks so much for the article. I’m always happy to see coverage about Jericho.

  5. Gale

    I rarely watch movies twice, and almost never watch reruns on TV, but Jericho is different. You do catch things you missed the first time and the reruns are still enjoyable. I am even going to buy the CD which is a first for me.

  6. Thank you so much for your article. Yes, there is most definitely a sense of satisfaction by watching the re-runs, and some have become disheartened by the upcoming pre-emptions with pre-season football, but our fight is not over and we aren’t giving up until we have a complete season 2 and are preparing for season 3!!

  7. Marlene Nice

    There’s so much going on in Jericho you do miss a lot the first time. I just enjoy watching the actors’ faces.

    While CBS is broadcasting pre-season football tonight at 9:00, I’ll be watching “One Man’s Terrorist” on Innertube.

  8. kestral

    Thank you so much for your recognition of Jericho reruns! We the fans know that this is a great opportunity to get new viewers on board. We also enjoy the opportunity to watch every episode again ourselves and get our “Jericho fix”. The outpouring of support for Jericho has been amazing. Thank you also for watching the Jericho reruns! We love our show and we won’t stop fighting until we have season 3 and beyond! Watch Jericho on CBS Friday nights 9:00pm eastern. Pre-order the Jericho Season 1 DVD set now or buy it when it’s released in October! (shameless plug I know, but what can I say….we’ll do anything to keep our show on tv!) Thank you again for your support!

  9. erika

    What a nice post. And, I agree!! I really am enjoying the rewatch. I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD. Also, there is a new campaign for the fans to buy the DVDs for our troops over in Iraq. You can check out the details over on the CBS Promote Jericho forum at

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  11. jameswillisisthebest

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

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