Weekend Wrapup: CBS Edition – August 13th, 2007

So, as you may have noticed, Cultural Learnings basically went black over the weekend. This was thanks to a camping trip to Kejimkujik National Park in Southwestern Nova Scotia, which was beautiful and wonderful. If you are interested (Testing my level of consistent readers here), there should be some Flickr photos on the right sidebar below. However, for those more inclined to learn what went on in TV Land over the Weekend, let’s take a gander at what CBS was up to over the three day period.

CBS’ Weekend To-Do List

Preempt “Jericho” without Informing Rabid Fanbase

So, CBS, let’s have a chat here. Because, really, I know that you’re trying your best to deal with this whole Jericho situation, but you need to learn a serious lesson in communication. Because preseason football preempting Jericho? It’s normal. In fact, it happens to every show every year. But you need to make that fact clear to the people who you clearly promised that you would air the show’s first season [almost] in its entirety this summer.

Because you’re really not doing it: you’re just pretending that a large portion of the country didn’t see last week’s episode, and you’re just going to mosey on to the next one. First off, people are clearly going to notice: you already learned that these people are smart and savvy and more than capable of realizing that their show is being messed with. And second, you’re trying to convince people to watch a serial drama: unless you’re packing that preseason football game with commercials for your online viewing service, you’re getting in the way of that goal.

So I’m off camping, missing this week’s episode, and it turns out that millions more are likely missing it too. If you’re seriously committed to the show, you should be doubling up on the reruns next week to make up for it, and continuing to do so to make sure these episodes are aired. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, personally, especially since some of us (I’m referring to me, eh?) are Canadian and can’t watch Innertube episodes.

Embrace Jericho’s Blog Potential

Admittedly, CBS didn’t do all wrong with Jericho: they’ve officially embraced their Fan Central portion of their website in an attempt to spread the word about blog posts about the series. I’m a little bit late in grabbing this news, but since they linked here to Cultural Learnings I took a peak at the site. Basically, they’re centralizing the “Diggnation” and other such initiatives that fans have been trying to move forward.

This is a great idea, as it is a way for fans to find things easily as opposed to a message board format. However, based on my Blog Stats (Since my own article was one of the ones linked recently), it doesn’t seem to be getting a huge amount of traffic yet. They really need to spread the word: more than the boards, this is a fantastic way for CBS to take this “viral” outpouring of support and spreading it. That being said, it’s up to fans to visit the site and suggest submissions (Can you do this? You should be able to do this.) and to keep the ball rolling.

I know it’s easy to rag on CBS about this stuff, but there are efforts out there: let’s make them work.

Recast Criminal Minds lead with Similar Actor to Mandy

After Mandy Patinkin left, CBS had a whole in a show that is supposed to be a new anchor for them, and one that faces stiff competition from ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice this upcoming season. Not wanting to stray too far from Patinkin’s gruff tones and sold demeanor, they’ve selected Joe Mantegna, who last appeared on CBS as the father on Joan of Arcadia.

The two actors have a lot in common. Patinkin was best known to some viewers for his role in The Princess Bride as Iago, a bit of a cult classic, and Mantegna will forever be known as the voice of Fat Tony on The Simpsons. In fact, so much so, that it is impossible to watch him act as someone else without thinking about Fat Tony. It might actually make me especially uneasy on Criminal Minds, where Fat Tony will be discussing serial killings. That just isn’t going to sound right.

Either way, Mantegna takes over during the season’s…second or third episode, maybe? We don’t have confirmation of when it will happen, but we know that Patinkin will be gone after the premiere. How long Thomas Gibson and Co. go solo after that, however, is unknown.


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7 responses to “Weekend Wrapup: CBS Edition – August 13th, 2007

  1. judist63

    Another great article and nails it with CBS and the whole “get more fans to watch live” thing. If they want new viewers, then by gosh, they better have it on tv to view. At the very least, they could have aired it either earlier or as you suggest, double up on the episodes next week to keep newbies intrigued. Shoot self in foot…..ring a bell CBS? Wake up!

  2. Totally agree, Myles. There is a thread where we can leave comments for Fan Central but we don’t know if anyone reads it. CBS is a huge corporation with a lot of money. Advertising Jericho and Fan Central should be easy for them.

  3. kestral

    Thank you for bringing attention to the failures of CBS!! CBS requested that the fans be the PR machine for Jericho and yet they are not communicating with us! It’s really simple CBS, if you’re going to pre-empt our show, announce it! Run ads at the end of a show to let us know that the next weeks show is not going to be on. Then rerun it at another time and run ads to let people know. The fans cannot do everything for CBS. There needs to be more effort on their part. CBS better wake up now. If they don’t and they cancel Jericho again…they might be waking up in the spring to tons of nuts on their desks again!!

  4. terocious

    I am worried about how easy it has become to rag on CBS while important articles and blogs receive very little Digging. Yesterdays Copywrite Ink, which exposed just the type of mixed messages and poor communication by the network that you have here, only received 37 Diggs. I agree that we should be able to do better with our end of this. I also think that it is important to explain to the Jericho nation again and again why Digging is so important. Sending letters to and calling CBS came naturally because this is a traditional form of activism. Digging is relatively new and must be continually introduced to us until it sticks.

  5. I will be without Jericho this Friday due to preseason football. I will be watching Jericho on Innertube Friday night.

  6. mpbnice

    CBS needs to do their part in keeping Jericho top of mind. We fans can only do so much. CBS could either air Jericho at another time (with advance notice, I hope) or, as you said, double up next week.

    Sucks for you about innertube. That’s how I watched the episode that was supposed to have been aired last Friday, as did a lot of other fans. Wonder if CBS tracked any of that traffic.

  7. azlady

    Thank you for telling it like it is. Hope CBS is listening. Preempting for football was not a popular thing with us fans, but somewhat understandable. But due to the fact that from what I hear they actually preempted Jericho with an infomertial in some places, that is unacceptable. They owe us a Jericho Marathon. Maybe on a Saturday or Sunday. How bout it, CBS?

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