Entourage – “Snow Job” Review

Entourage Review

“Snow Job”

August 19th, 2007

I can’t help but feel that tonight’s episode was a personal shoutout to attempt to stymie my cynicism regarding the series. First, the series offers an explanation for my criticism of Drama’s apparent lack of work on his TV series (“The joys of an ensemble cast, two day work week”), and then it name drops Nova Scotia (Where I’m from) as the location where Silo is set at the episode’s conclusion. And, although it could just be a coincidence, I also like a lot of what the episode did.

I’ve always been a fan of Dana Gordon, and seeing Ari be in a more agent-like role was a nice change of pace compared to a few off weeks for his character in terms of relevance. The entire drama regarding Billy writing a script about a group of non-unionized farmers who survive a nuclear apocalypse was very well handled, and it was nice to see it done in a single episode. It allows us to move onto Medellin and Cannes sooner, rather than later.

Plus, I think it was a great opportunity to further extend E’s disconnect from Vince on a lot of key issues: Eric didn’t like Medellin after all, and he probably won’t be too keen on Silo either. Clouds was a project that had some level of clout and prestige, and it’s being replaced by something…very different. And I don’t think that was part of Eric’s vision. It makes me wonder whether we’ll be seeing E and Vince part ways professionally at some point in the near future.

The episode could have been more subtle (Walsh went from about to kill himself to perfectly stable a bit too quickly for my liking), and I have to admit that E dealing with Anna Faris’ dick of a boyfriend was not funny or engaging for a single second. But, considering that was fairly marginalized within the episode, and Eric couldn’t just be stuck out in the Hills for no reason, I’m willing to put up with it when the overall aim of the episode was achieved.

I would like, though, for future Snow jobs to maybe have a bit more of an impact: watching the Entourage overcome all obstacles every time is getting a bit tired.

In Review

– I’m still waiting for Drama to return to a starring role in this series: he’s lost all of his status, in my book, and was even brought down a peg by TURTLE in this episode. Like, come on. Drama is infinitely more important than Turtle.

– While I know Vince is an immature lout in some ways, the idea that he jokes so openly about bedding the women he works with kind of strikes me the wrong way. I know he’s a playboy, but does he have that little sense of responsibility? He was like a small child reading that script, laughing as Turtle counted sex scenes. It just seems like he’s lost all sense of acting seriously. Not a criticism, just an observation…and more reason to ignore Vince.

– Considering that Entourage has officially gotten its…5th? Or 4 1/2? Either way, Entourage is coming back next year…what will be the storyline then? It seems to be that Silo might fall apart based on a poor Cannes screening for Medellin, but we’ll have to see.

– Thanks to heading back to university, I will no longer be able to get my Entourage reviews out quite so quickly. In future weeks, I’ll try to get them up by mid-day Monday. Either way, there’s only a few weeks left anyways.


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3 responses to “Entourage – “Snow Job” Review

  1. Gary Cooper

    What will I do with out your reviews!? I had a hockey game last night so I missed this episode.
    What the hell happened with Clouds and Silo?

    I’m confused! Help a brother out.

  2. Billy wrote a script for Clouds that was…not an adaptation of a book. Instead, it was the described Silo film. Studio gets pissed, Ari gets pissed, Billy gets depressive, Vince likes the new script better. Ari manages to somehow make the new script work with the studio, and they end up being able to make Billy’s movie after all…and E is cut out of everything.

  3. J.J.

    Can’t wait for this meandering season to end. Regroup, fire some of the writers, and try to figure out what else to do next year.

    This episode crammed in a major twist in the storyline that could have been strung out over several shows. Instead, there have been entire episodes full of filler material involving all sorts of meaningless things that added little to the overall plotline and failed to tell us much about the characters. Drama will screw anything in a skirt (or squirrel outfit)? Oh, do tell. Turtle likes to get high all the time? Wow, that’s character development.

    E’s breakup with Sloan was badly botched by the writers. It’s also clear that once they got Drama into a job, they had no idea what to do with that, other than make the character more infantile. Vinnie remains a bore most of the time, and E has little idea how to be a manager.

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