High School Musical 2 Nitpicks – The Questions 17+ Million Should be Asking

Okay, so in case you haven’t heard, High School Musical 2 debuted on the Disney Channel last night to 17.4 Million viewers. That is, just so we’re clear, gigantic. In fact, it is the highest rated cable broadcast in American history. These astronomical numbers are, however, only one particular way of measuring the film’s success.

I’ll be honest: I can’t help but analyze this particular film from a critical level. While I know it is designed for pre-teens, and I get that it isn’t supposed to be “good” by my standards, I still want it to make sense. I have to wonder how many of those viewers will be sticking around for encore viewings: will it be deemed a disappointment by so many fans that its staying power won’t last?

But for now, I can’t help but think that the large number of parents forced to sit through High School Musical 2 had to have realized what I did: that this film, especially in its conclusion, just didn’t make any sense. At all. And, well, here’s some questions I had after watching it.

Why did Troy Become Self-Conscious?

In the first High School Musical, it’s Troy who helps Gabrielle through her big number with his humble charm and bravery. So, then, why is it here that he becomes all “Oh, I’m not a singer” and fumbles his way through everything? While I know he also had issues to get over, I’d think he would have solved that.

Why did Troy’s Voice Change?

I actually know the answer to this one: Zac Efron didn’t actually sing in the first film, but decided to actually do so for High School Musical 2. I figure that the hope is that pre-teen fans will just think his voice changed. A lot. I much prefer it, though, to be honest.

How Quickly can these kids learn Music?

Twice in this film the lead characters learned entire songs within seconds of seeing them. It was frustrating not because it was unbelievable, but because it was inconsistent: in some scenes they were reading from sheet music, and in others they didn’t need it at all. Even if they had read sheet music every little while it would have worked for me. But then in the finale, the song was learned in thirty seconds, at most. Just, no.

How did Monique Coleman get into the “Core 6”?

The actress who plays Taylor must have quite the contract, because she really had nothing to do in this film and yet made it onto all promotional materials and into the final number. Considering her complete lack of screen time, how exactly did this happen? Plus, she’s 27.

How did Troy become a Jerk so Quickly?

Within seriously two scenes Troy went from wholesome hero to complete jerk: while it would be one thing to begrudgingly turn your back on your friends, he actually destroyed Chad for no logical reason.

Why was “Bet on It” So Horribly Choreographed?

I’ll admit, the song is one that feels musically together…but the act surrounding it was awful. Efron pumped his fists to the sky, jumped around, hit a golf ball, got mad at his reflection…but it never felt natural. A lot of the other numbers were part of something, this was just Efron jumping around the golf course. It’s like they had to scrap the original number, so they just took Efron into the desert to shoot this.

Why did Sharpay give Ryan the Trophy at the End?

I don’t get this: Sharpay should have been in no position to pick a winner anyways, Ryan just totally screwed her over, and Ryan didn’t even have anything to do with the act which, apparently, won the competition.

Hey…why was Sharpay nice at all?

While I know that Sharpay and Ryan needed to take part in the closing musical number and all, did they have to become so darn nice? It seemed to me that they did a complete 180, and I don’t think that fits with their characters in the least.

Do you have your own Plot Hole that you can’t quite get over? Or, perhaps, have an answer to one of my own? I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the first film, maybe some of this makes sense. Either way, leave a comment below!


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20 responses to “High School Musical 2 Nitpicks – The Questions 17+ Million Should be Asking

  1. Jack

    I have to say your comments were totally ridiculous. What do you know? You think you know everything about High School Musical? Everything that you said that you didn’t think was realistic is totally ridiculous because everything in this movie makes sense. Let’s see what you said.

    Troy is self-conscious because he doesn’t want to sing because he wants to focus on working on his job and is very worried about college and wants to get a scholarship. Didn’t you realize a change in confidence from the first movie?

    Troy’s voice changed because Zac Efron was able to sing in this movie and his voice wasn’t cracking. Drew Seeley, who sang in the first movie, did not sing in this movie. Does it make a difference? Zac Efron is so talented because of his voice and dance coordination, so who are you to judge him? I guarantee you that 90% did not realize a change in voice simply because part of the singing in the first movie was his voice, just mixed with someone others!

    It doesn’t matter how quickly they learn music. Just think of it, like, they learnt music, and they sang it! This is a children’s movie, do you think the kids care? Do you think the adults care? The adults will just be happy that there kids are happy and will be amazed at how talented these kids are. In movies like Grease, they don’t practice their music because it has nothing to do with the story. In this movie, most of the songs are just part of the movie and are not rehearsed in the actual “story.” The only songs that were rehearsed were “You Are The Music In Me”, but if you watch closely you see that the kids bring their sheet music with them around the piano, and every few moments they glance at it. “You Are The Music In Me (Sharpay’s Version”, was rehearsed but that makes perfect sense because there were many scenes between the time she asked for the music from Kelsi, to the time where she actually performed with Troy. Troy had already known it because he sang it will Gabriella, and he made up the tune on the spot, you could see his clueness in his expression when he is on the stage, and especially when he ands the song singing, “Ohhhh.uh.h.h….yh.a.a.a……” The song “Everyday” was rehearsed by Troy in a very short time, but why do you care? What are they supposed to do? Which other way is the director supposed to do it? I actually thought it was put together very well, how Ryan told Troy that he should sing with sister, Troy told Sharpay he would sing with her, then he was told he needed to learn a new song, then he questioned Sharpay on why she changed the song, Sharpay denied that she did and was very angry, and instead Gabriella sang with him. I thought it was very well put together. And remember, Gabriella could have had a very long time to practice the song since the time where Troy dumped Sharpay by telling her that he is not singing with her (where we see Kelsi become very happy and runs off the screen, this is when she probably tells Ryan to call Gabriella to tell her the plan and teach her the music) all the way to the time that Gabriella performs with Troy at the talent show. So, why do you really care about the time it takes them to learn the music?

    Ok, this was your stupidest comment. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF MONIQUE COLEMAN DID NOT HAVE MANY LINES AND STILL MADE IT ONTO ALL OF THE PROMOTIONAL POSTERS! Kids feel like she is one of the main characters because of the first movie, so they put her on the posters just so kids could see her and recognize her and know that she is also going to be in the sequel! She is one of the main characters! She is connected to Chad in the movie, Chad is connected to Troy, they are all connected! So , WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?
    Don’t you understand why they did it! They just want to have the SAME main characters that were on the first movie’s promotional poster, on the second movie’s promotional poster! This way kids see that this is really the second with all of the same characters! Let me tell you something, if she wasn’t on the second movie’s promotional poster, you don’t think kids would be wondering why she isn’t there? They would probably think that she wasn’t in the movie? Little kids do not go onto the Internet all that often, so how would they know if she is in the movie or not? Wouldn’t it look weird how Ryan and Sharpay would be together and both be on the poster, Troy and Gabriella would be together and both be on the poster, and then Chad would be all alone on the poster? WOULDN’T THAT LOOOOOOK WEIRD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Fulton had more lines than Taylor (Monique Coleman) so what? Do you think Fulton should be next to all of the main characters jumping up in the air with his hands up in the air (on the second movie’s promotional poster)?

    Troy did become a jerk but he did not mean to. He was just getting so caught up with the Redhawks and his future that he forgot about his friends. He didn’t mean to say that “he ordered Swiss on his burger,” but he did so because he was in the middle of teaching one of the guys something and was caught up in the moment, and he saw the burger, and thought, “swiss” spontaneously, and he said, “I ordered Swiss on my burger.” You know this is right because he didn’t even go into much detail, because after he said he ordered Swiss on his burger, he quickly went back to teaching what he was teaching. The incident on the basketball court, when he said, “I don’t think that’s how they roll”, showed some rudeness but once again, he didn’t mean to hurt anybody, he just didn’t want to disappoint the Redhawks because he knows they might help him get a scholarship because Sharpay’s dad will be watching him while he plays basketball (scrimage) with the Redhawks and he knows that Sharpay’s dad might have a scholarship to be given in his power. Troy also is very focused and concerned about college and a scholarship because he dad tells him that there is nothing wrong with “keeping his eye on the prize”, and that he shouldn’t be “ashamed of his attention.” Troy made these unintended mistakes which led to people getting very mad at him

    Your comment on “Bet On It” ‘s horrible choreography was just stupid. Bud, that scene was amazing. The camera shots were amazing. The cameras were panning and zooming and spinning around Troy, the angles were so great, like the one where he jumped of a cliff into the sand and there was a wormhole angle (shot from the ground facing up) with Troy making fists and slowly letting go of sand. The camera movement was amazing, and for Troy- Zac Efron did an expectional job in that scene. The song was amazing, the way he moved around was amazing, once again, the camera shots with different angles and movements were amazing, when he pumped his fists in the sky was amazing, the whole scene was so well put together, that you felt Efron’s anger and sorrow.

    (your most ridiculous) and absurd comment. Sharpay knew how much Ryan must have worked on the act with all of the Wildcats. She felt bad for him that they didn’t get to perform their act and felt bad for always bossing around Ryan and telling Ryan how it is going to be. Ryan stood up for himself in one scene with Sharpay after she said that she is not performing with him, and I think that Sharpay admired his remark and what he did with the Wildcats. We see this when she asks him “when did you…… become one of them?” This shows Sharpay’s embarrassement and that she felt a little bit left out of the whole group and shows how she wishes she never would have been so rude to Ryan and so selfish. This is why she grabs the mike out of Fulton’s hand as he is about to announce Sharpay’s victory of the Star Dazzle Award once again, (for no apparent reason, just because she wins every talent show and would get very deranged with Fulton so Fulton avoids her indignance by declaring her as the winner) and announces that her brother Ryan should win, the audience claps, and now nobody is going to turn back and still say that Sharpay won. The audience is very startled that Sharpay would do something so nice, but at the same time, very pleased and proud of Sharpay she would so something so nice. Ryan is very happy that he won the award and he deserves it for coming out of his shell and teaching the Wildcats so amazingly.

    Sharpay became very nice because of one simple reason. This is a Disney Channel Original Movie and everybody wants a happy and satisfying ending which they 110% accomplished. Sharpay did an ABSOLUTELY MIND-BLOWING performance. She was so funny, mean, and really cute at the same time. Her performance was expectional and her kindness at the end of the movie totally fit in. In the next movie, she will probably go back to being the regular Sharpay, funny, mean, and cute! You knoy how I know this? I know this because at the end of the last movie she was also nicer, and still managed to get funny, mean, and cute back in the second movie in a way that WASN’T STUPID. She really isn’t that mean anyways. In the movie she acts very selfish and greedy, but her true (good!) colours always do show, whether it’s backing down from a fight with Gabriella or telling Troy that he is a really nice guy and that she likes him better than she even likes herself right now, and then, covers up by saying, “did I just say that?” to herself. Troy laughs, because he knows that she could be very nice and alot of the time just asks selfish and greedy.

    Overall, your comments were ridiculous.

    The movie was expectional. It was filled with great music, amazing dancing, each character had their own goal in the movie (and they showed us this in a way that is not obvious and not cheesy), and the entire movie was filled with OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD talent!

    Bravo! to the entire High School Musical 2 cast and crew, you made this movie just as big a success as the first movie, maybe more! You accomplised your goal!

  2. threebooksandamovie

    I’m not sure how to react to the comment left by Jack.

  3. I believe my reaction of choice was stunned silence. Followed by some jaw-dropping when I realized it was nearly three times as long as my actual post.

    And then I think I guffawed. But it might have just been gas.

  4. kevin

    My family loved HSM2. A couple of questions:
    1. How did gabriella get the necklace back from Troy for the for the talent show number? She gives Troy the pendant back at the country club then she has it around neck in the talent show.
    2. Shouldn’t Troy know that Sharpay can swing a golf club? He sdaw her play play golf in the previous scene. My daugther who is 5 years old uncovered these discrepancies.

  5. Yeah, Kevin: while I liked the film in all of its musical glory, some of the discrepancies were just too blatant to outright ignore.

    I can expect a film to stretch reality…but ignoring common sense is just lazy filmmaking.

  6. Danielle!

    Ooh! I don’t have my computer up at Acadia yet so I missed this!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that you 100% need to liveblog HSM 1. I have the DVD and I most definitely would bring it up to RoJo! hahaha… I’m serious. It brings me so much joy to read your reviews when it’s something I enjoy watching!

    moving along… all valid points made by you… I am deeply saddened by the nice little package Sharpay and Ryan are wrapped up in at the end… I really hoped that Ryan would end up performing the Humuhumu number which was mentioned frequently (and is on the CD) but unfortunately everyone just sang in a circle and pranced about onstage for a little too long… why did this win??

    anyhow, the reason I love the first one is for the Sharpay/Ryan musical theatre performances which are a little less technically enhanced and perfected (like the music in this one) so I was sad that none of that made it into this film

    what am i rambling on about…

    .. welcome back to Acadia! when can we expect a review of the first HSM?? hmmm ? 😀

  7. RELLA

    HSM2 was amazing but I have one question
    1.Were did Zac come from when Vanessa was talking to Sharpay?
    I thought HSM2 was much better than HSM1 this one was more dramatised and romantic thats what I like.

  8. Carol

    I agree with most of what you say, especially about them learning songs in like.. seconds, but I have a couple of brief comments on the last two questions.

    The one about Ryan getting the trophy is actually not correct, if you remember, Ryan made up everything but the song for the routine and hooked Troy and Gabriella back together with his schemes against his sister. I don’t think Sharpay should have really given it to him for turning his back on her, but I do think that she was being nice at the time so she did because she knew he had wanted it the most.

    Which leads me to the last question. I think it was alright for Ryan to turn around and become a Wildcat because of how his sister mistreats him. It’s like being given the chance to escape from slavery. He was dismissed as being a blunt sidekick when at her side in most of the first movie, but now I think he’s really progressed and finally become a dynamic character in the sequel.

    All and all, I think the little fake romance that Troy thought was happening between Gabriella and Ryan was the only really good twinge in the movie, besides all the things that Ryan pulls on Sharpay at the end.

    I don’t even know what their going to do in the next one they’re in discussion of making because Sharpay and Ryan are “good” now. They’ll need a new antagonist for sure.. maybe they should stop at two.

  9. Kate

    I still don’t understand why Zac Efron DIDNT sing in the first movie if he has such a good voice?

    And since he didn’t sing, did they really just pick him because he’s cute? THATS SO STUPID!

    Does anyone know why he didn’t sing?

  10. Kate

    Oh, and does anyone know where Vanessa got all those cute dresses? cause i totally want to buy some!!!

  11. Mark

    Monique Coleman not being in the Core 6 for a main reason? Hmmmmm…. What a stupid comment! I think you’ll find she sings in all the big group dance numbers along with the others, she has plenty of lines, is Chad’s girlfriend and is Gabriella’s best friend. Need I Say more????

  12. But Mark, here’s the thing: there is maybe TWO allusions to them being boyfriend and girlfriend, she looks far too old to be Gabriella’s best friend (And they never do anything best friend-like compared to Chad/Troy), and she has almost no lines whatsoever compared to her fellow group members. Plus, Chad gets a song: she does not.

    She just doesn’t measure up. That’s not her fault, but the fault of the writers.

  13. gaby

    i agree with jack. because i love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!
    fyi myles taylor and gabriella are always together in the movie.zac is so hot in the movie and he is a great actor/singer/dancer!!!!!he is a triple threat!!!

  14. Rae

    Actually, I have no reply or reaction for any of this… just one question ~ I have watched HSM2 a number of times just trying to figure out how the heck Gabriella gave the necklace back to Troy. She was wearing it at the beginning of the song “I’ve got to move on”, then when she walked into the locker room it wasn’t there. I’ve tried to figure out in the watching if there was an exchange that I missed, but I can’t seem to find it. Not that it really matters, but does anyone have an answer? Maybe I’m just missing it…

  15. I am under the impression that she gave it back to him at the conclusion of the song, as they held hands following their embrace. Or, at least that’s what my liveblog tells me.

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  17. Lily

    Okay, listen up. There are hundreds of errors in the High School Musical films and Im sure we will have something to pick about in the next film but has anyone noticed this-
    In High School Musical 1- Stick To The Status Quo-
    when it is Sharpays solo,on top of the lunch hall, you can see the cameras in one of the poles. Gives it away a bit!
    In High School Musical 2- You Are The Music Im Me- If Gabriella and Troy had only came across that song that second, how did they know the words? THey kept dragging it along with them (moving roung the piano) at first- not looking at the words. And then left it there and somehow knew the words when they were at the other side of the piano!
    You lot have picked up most of them though! I never realised the Gabriella had the necklace on in Everyday! WOW !

  18. Marie Bruce

    How did Gabriella get her necklace back from Troy?

    She had it on at the end of the movie but she gave it back to him when she broke up with him!

  19. troy did no change his vocie he is just getting older and stronger and this is not the way he is.

  20. JC

    I just have a question about the necklace? When gabriella first gets the necklace what the hell does she say. i cant understand what shes saying. I repeated it liek 10 times and still cant understand it. LOLZ. it’s like _______ and troy.

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