Jericho Fridays “The Day After” – Fan Central Feedback, Rerun Ratings

[After last night’s rerun, and after some great feedback on Jericho Fridays two blog posts, it’s time to look ahead to next week, and see how Jericho fared in the ratings last evening.]

Jericho Fridays’ Question of the Week

For next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays, I want to get the opinion of Jericho viewers on the role of Jericho’s Fan Central in future months. This site, set up by CBS, is designed to let fans know of blog articles, promotional opportunities and anything else that might interest fans of the series.

I personally think that this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with fans, but right now it seems that outside of a thread where comments can be made there isn’t much interaction between the two sides. Any good blog, this one included, is best able to serve an audience when it embraces it in a real fashion, conversing with them and finding a way to best utilize their promotional power.

So, fans of Jericho, what suggestions do you have for Jericho Fan Central? Send me an email at cultural.learnings @ and I’ll be putting your suggestions into next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays! Try to get them in before Thursday so I’ll have time to put them together.

Jericho Rerun Report – “A.K.A.”

I was able to watch this episode late last night, and it was great to finally be able to see more of Hawkins’ back story. What I like is that they didn’t try to answer too many questions: he is still mysterious, still a threat, but at this point represents someone whose mystery doesn’t render them good or evil but rather an integral part of this universe. I still think that Heroes’ Company Man is the best back story episode of the season, but this was darn good as well.

Wikipedia – “A.K.A.” 

Viewers seemed to think so as well: Jericho came extremely close to matching the Household numbers from last week’s Preseason football game.


“That might explain why the 9 p.m. hour went to ABC’s two episodes of “George Lopez,” which averaged a 3.1/5 between them. FOX’s football was second, followed very closely by the 2.7/5 for NBC’s “Las Vegas.” The CW’s wrestling-type-entertainment and CBS’ “Jericho” posted almost the identical 2.6/5.

These are, again, not fantastic ratings, but they reflect that there are some people still watching Jericho out there. The only concern is that the 18-49 ratings were of course lower than NFL Preseason football, but I think CBS would have to expect that. This is still a positive development, and it’s a pity that Jericho will once again sit out for Preseason football next week.


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4 responses to “Jericho Fridays “The Day After” – Fan Central Feedback, Rerun Ratings

  1. Gale

    Will send e-mail. thank you.

  2. Gale

    Actually I was wondering about the ratings last night. I thought I read where Jericho was also going to be preempted in some areas last night. Was that the case. Wouldn’t that have a negative effect?

  3. terocious

    Company man was a great back story!

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