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Why CBS Wishes it was the Home of the Emmys in 2007

Although it is officially Emmys week here at Cultural Learnings, Fridays always bring forth a certain level of Jericho consciousness. As a result, I started to think about ways in which Jericho’s plight could have been improved by the Emmy Awards. Fans already let the world know that Jericho deserved Emmy nominations here at Cultural Learnings, but the show unfortunately didn’t get a nomination.

However, that doesn’t mean that the Emmys couldn’t have been a boost to Jericho and the rest of CBS’ 2007-2008 lineup. Each year, the host network of the Emmys (It rotates each year) is in the position of being able to use an audience of tens of millions of potential viewers to promote its new fall shows as well as returning programs. And what better stage for promoting Jericho could CBS have than TV’s biggest night?

Unfortunately, of course, FOX is hosting the Emmys. But it’s impossible to ignore how much CBS needs this right now.

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Cultural Learnings: The House that ‘Jericho’ Built

[As the Emmy Awards and the Fall Premieres start to take over Cultural Learnings, Jericho Fridays might be on a hiatus during the month of September, although I have no intention of abandoning the show. However, before this hiatus takes place, I want to take a chance to take the time to discuss the impact that Jericho has had on this blog over the past four months.]

Recently, someone asked on a message board how bloggers had worked in order to build a consistent audience. In answering this question, it’s easy to go through the usual: using Digg, tagging posts properly, and putting out content in terms of both quality and quantity. However, I had a rather unique response as well: Jericho.

While I had certainly brought a lot of content to Cultural Learnings before May, I had never achieved what I would consider an audience. A blog is one thing, but to be able to create a discourse is the goal of any internet writer. Without people reading, it can often feel like a rather fruitless endeavor.

But all of that changed with a simple post about Jericho, as after the show was canceled I decided to take the devil’s advocate approach and analyze just why CBS canceled the series. And, to be honest, I would still argue that at that point, before the campaign that followed, they probably made the logical, if not proper, call.

May 16th – Why CBS Canceled ‘Jericho’

My perspective was one of a cynical TV writer, fascinated by the anger of a fanbase that, before that point, I wasn’t aware even existed. Jericho had fallen off my own radar months earlier, and this piece was designed to try to jump onto a bandwagon for mostly selfish purposes.

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No Holds Barred: What Needs to Be Said About ‘Jericho’

[As part of Cultural Learnings’ Jericho Fridays, I think that it is necessary to perhaps be able to state certain things that might not be seen as “positive” or popular. I, admittedly, began this campaign by pouring salt in the wound of Jericho fans, and while I have since been inspired to drop this position I think that being open and honest is still an integral part of the process.

These are things that need to be said not because they’re undeniably true, but rather so that it is out there and able to create a reaction that could spark something new. This week on the Jericho Forums at CBS.com, there was a thread about how more people should go onto the forums, and all of a sudden a huge flow of ideas emerged. That needs to happen again, and here’s some things to perhaps start it off.]

No Holds Barred:

What Needs to the Said About ‘Jericho’

1. CBS’ Fan Central is Worthless

I spent last week analyzing Fan Central at an indepth level with the assistance of fans, and kind of hoped that some of that might be taken to heart. And, to an extent it was: they ripped off JerichoMonster wholesale, creating the Jericho Fan Central Fan of the Week.

It’s clear that Shaun has essentially been brought in to run the site, but he doesn’t seem to be doing anything but rewriting forum posts out and then linking back to them. The problem with this is that, if one of the posts works in sending people to the boards, why would they need to be told what’s on them if they’re already there?

The answer is that they don’t: right now, the site is basically just a few blog posts a week that aren’t about bringing fans together, or providing some sort of new content, but rather reposting old content with a fairly slow reaction time thanks to a low volume of postings.

As it is, the site just sits there as Shaun’s not even daily blog, and one that isn’t offering any new perspectives. Unless they’re willing to bring someone in to raise actual issues and give fans a reason to return to the internet, the site is pretty much just wasting bandwidth. And that’s something that I think fans should be concerned about.

2. The Jericho Fanbase Needs Fewer Blogs

I have absolutely nothing against the large assortment of bloggers who talk about Jericho: they have been incredibly good to me, and I have tried to return the favor as much as physically possible. But, I’ve got to be honest with you: I think there’s too many blogs about Jericho.

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A Lost Ranger: Jericho Fans Mourn the Loss of GaTravelGal

Amongst tight-knit internet communities, the real identities of the people involved are often shrouded by the user names or avatars that they use to identify themselves. And yet, within certain communities, the passing of one of their members does not go unnoticed. You hear stories regarding funerals in World of Warcraft, and I’m sure the same can be said for Second Life. And, this week, a similar blow struck the Jericho community, as news reached fans that user GaTravelGal passed away unexpectedly.

In my interaction with this fan community, GaTravelGal was best known for starting the Jeriatric Boomers Ward, the lengthy thread that inspired my most professional piece of journalism written at Cultural Learnings. She was a facilitator of memories, discussion and a fantastic fan environment in which older fans overcame any computer issues they had to reminisce about the good ol’ days in a wonderful new medium.

I think that the outpouring of love and support in response to her passing reflects how close this Jericho community has become: there is not a scent of cynicism or jaded perspectives amongst their ranks, and I envy them for the relationships they’ve created. They really do serve as a family, and one that they should all be proud to be part of.

There are currently efforts being made to reflect GaTravelGal’s contribution by dedicating a second season episode of the series to her memory. I fully support this idea, as abstract as it may sound to those not part of the community, and would like to offer my own memorial of sorts. In writing that Boomer article, GaTravelGal (A 56 year old boomer from Georgia) filled out a set of questions. Here are her answers, inspiring words that mean no less following her passing.

a) How did you become a fan of Jericho?
I had seen a promo for the show and made a mental note to watch the pilot. Since it aired on Wednesday nights, I had been at church and almost forgot to turn it on that first week. In fact, I missed the first 30 minutes. But even only watching the second half, I was immediately hooked. I then began to tape it on my DVR in case I got in after 8 pm the following weeks!

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A Wish List: What Jericho Fans Hope For from CBS’ ‘Fan Central’

[Over the past week, Jericho fans have expressed their hopes for CBS’ Fan Central website. Through email and through the Jericho message boards, the very people the page was designed for have made it clear that it needs a little work…but they’re more than willing to help out with some suggestions. The following is their view, compiled from their comments, of Fan Central.]

Jericho fans are perhaps the most devoted you could imagine in television right now: their success at bringing back their show certainly made them well-loved by the cast and crew of the series. Hoping to take that catch that lightning and bottle it for the series’ future, CBS has established Jericho Fan Central, a page that gives Jericho fans links to websites, articles and information they’re looking for.

However, the distinct problem that myself and Jericho fans have observed is that they really aren’t offering anything new. If this is really a place for fans to go, then why is so much of the content simply repeating the efforts fans are already aware of, or reposting content from the message boards? There is all sorts of potential for Fan Central to be a place to offer fans more interaction with their series, and they have some ideas I think CBS should be aware of.

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Jericho Fridays “The Day After” – Fan Central Feedback, Rerun Ratings

[After last night’s rerun, and after some great feedback on Jericho Fridays two blog posts, it’s time to look ahead to next week, and see how Jericho fared in the ratings last evening.]

Jericho Fridays’ Question of the Week

For next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays, I want to get the opinion of Jericho viewers on the role of Jericho’s Fan Central in future months. This site, set up by CBS, is designed to let fans know of blog articles, promotional opportunities and anything else that might interest fans of the series.

I personally think that this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with fans, but right now it seems that outside of a thread where comments can be made there isn’t much interaction between the two sides. Any good blog, this one included, is best able to serve an audience when it embraces it in a real fashion, conversing with them and finding a way to best utilize their promotional power.

So, fans of Jericho, what suggestions do you have for Jericho Fan Central? Send me an email at cultural.learnings @ gmail.com and I’ll be putting your suggestions into next week’s edition of Jericho Fridays! Try to get them in before Thursday so I’ll have time to put them together.

Jericho Rerun Report – “A.K.A.”

I was able to watch this episode late last night, and it was great to finally be able to see more of Hawkins’ back story. What I like is that they didn’t try to answer too many questions: he is still mysterious, still a threat, but at this point represents someone whose mystery doesn’t render them good or evil but rather an integral part of this universe. I still think that Heroes’ Company Man is the best back story episode of the season, but this was darn good as well.

Wikipedia – “A.K.A.” 

Viewers seemed to think so as well: Jericho came extremely close to matching the Household numbers from last week’s Preseason football game.

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Jericho Q & A: Oh Canada! – Why Canadians Can’t Watch Innertube

[As part of Jericho Fridays here at Cultural Learnings, we’re taking questions and comments from fans or anyone in general really. You can send your own questions or comments to cultural.learnings @ gmail.com, and they might be answered in this new feature, Jericho Q & A]

Jericho Q & A

August 17th, 2007

Jane, the hard-working and dedicated Jericho fan who runs a multitude of blogs on the subject, asked that I investigate or at least address a particular question about Jericho fans in the Great White North…which happens to be where I live!

From Jane:

One topic I find interesting is that CBS will gladly accept Canadians paying for advertiser’s products but won’t let them watch on Innertube.

And so, the question is born:

Why can’t Canadians watch on Innertube?

This answer is on one hand decidedly simple, and on the other entirely complicated.

The simple answer? Canadians can’t watch Innertube thanks to the CRTC, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Council.

Wikipedia The CRTC

But, it’s more complicated than that. The CRTC is not inherently evil, even if they’ve made some unpopular decisions. The important thing to know is that the principle they uphold, the Canadian autonomy over broadcast rights specifically, is what is keeping Canadian viewers from watching on Innertube.

For all the details, and what Jericho fans might be able to do to get their show streaming in Canada, keep reading after the jump.

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The Post-Nuts Era: Jericho Fans Continue to Promote Their Show

[As part of Jericho Friday, Cultural Learnings has gotten some great feedback from fans who want to get the word out about their efforts in the era after the nuts barrage that saved their show. It’s a tougher road now, with many fans having stepped back from message boards and fan groups, but some fans are working hard and making their voices heard. These are their stories of the Post-Nuts Era.]

Jericho in the Post-Nuts Era

DVDs for Troops: Sending ‘Jericho’ to Real-Life War Zones

While there is certainly political and social turmoil in the world of Jericho, it is admittedly nothing compared to the real life war facing the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. No matter one’s opinion of the politics of the wars being fought in either country, it is impossible not to empathize with the soldiers who are fighting there. And, some Jericho fans want to give them something to help them through.

A group of Jericho fans are working with Staten Island Project Homefront to ship Jericho DVDs to the troops overseas through fan donations, much in the vein of the nuts shipments sent to CBS earlier this year. In fact, many of those nuts actually made it over to the Middle East via CBS and Project Homefront, so this partnership is not new. However, it is a great way for fans of the series to continue to both spread the word about Jericho and spread some much-needed love to the troops.

For more information on the campaign, and how to donate, head to this thread on the Jericho Message Boards. While this could end up being a good PR opportunity, more importantly it’s a good cause. The A special thanks to Jackie (Ahma, on the Jericho boards) for bringing this to my attention! She says that Project Homefront reports that the troops loved the nuts, so they might just love DVDs even more.

Jericho on the Big Screen: Fans and CBS Unite

For two Jericho fans in Massachusetts, the post-Nuts era was about celebration: celebrating their show being saved, celebrating the show itself, and celebrating the men and women who came together during the campaign to get ‘er done, if you will, in the New England area. But while they might be working on a small scale compared to nationwide nuts campaigns, they’re dealing with a big screen. In fact, they’re taking Jericho to the Movies.

I’ll post a link to all of the information in a second, but this is really the perfect example of synergy between fans and CBS. The fans needed to get permission, and the high-resolution copies of the show, from CBS in order to make it work, and through a lot of hard work forum members Rhinogirl1 and ccpdppr pulled it together. This might not be a nationwide campaign, but it’s a powerful symbol of working with CBS to promote Jericho, and they should be commended for their creativity.

The result is the screening of two episodes of Jericho at a theatre in Milbury, Massachusetts at 2pm on Sunday, August 19th.

[For all of the information, see this thread on the Jericho Boards]

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Announcement: Cultural Learnings’ “Jericho Fridays”

Fridays are a day we all look forward to: it signals the end of the school/work week, the beginning of the weekend, and a break from the usual grind. However, in terms of television, Friday is usually a slow day…until now.

Starting this Friday, Cultural Learnings will be starting a weekly feature aptly called “Jericho Fridays.” As the series films its seven new episodes, and its fans continue to rally behind the cause, I figure that a normally slow day like Friday is the perfect day to showcase a series that deserves more attention.

Each Friday, I’ll be covering some Jericho news bytes along with that night’s rerun in the Jericho Rerun Report, and look back at some of the stories I wrote, and ones others wrote, about the campaign through a new lens.

However, more than anything else, I want to know what Jericho fans want to hear, and what is on their minds. The big problem right now is that CBS and the fans just aren’t communicating enough to provide a united front.

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