A Wish List: What Jericho Fans Hope For from CBS’ ‘Fan Central’

[Over the past week, Jericho fans have expressed their hopes for CBS’ Fan Central website. Through email and through the Jericho message boards, the very people the page was designed for have made it clear that it needs a little work…but they’re more than willing to help out with some suggestions. The following is their view, compiled from their comments, of Fan Central.]

Jericho fans are perhaps the most devoted you could imagine in television right now: their success at bringing back their show certainly made them well-loved by the cast and crew of the series. Hoping to take that catch that lightning and bottle it for the series’ future, CBS has established Jericho Fan Central, a page that gives Jericho fans links to websites, articles and information they’re looking for.

However, the distinct problem that myself and Jericho fans have observed is that they really aren’t offering anything new. If this is really a place for fans to go, then why is so much of the content simply repeating the efforts fans are already aware of, or reposting content from the message boards? There is all sorts of potential for Fan Central to be a place to offer fans more interaction with their series, and they have some ideas I think CBS should be aware of.

While it is admirable that CBS wants to create a blog that reflects the fans, it’s somewhat disconnected when the fans themselves are unable to participate other than indirectly influencing things. As a result, there are multiple ideas fans have brought forward to improve this aspect of Fan Central.

Allow Comments on Posts

First and foremost, fans are clamboring to be able to comment on the posts! These fans have been commenting their brains out all over the internet promoting their show, and to suddenly not be able to do so is most awkward. Comments would allow fans to express further opinions on an issue, and allow for instant and public feedback.

Polling the Fans

Also, fans are looking for a way to express themselves as a group within the Fan Central setting. Some fans have suggested that various polls about promoting the series, about the series itself, or about anything else would be an acceptable way for fans to want to go to Fan Central on a regular basis. Questions such as “Which of these promotional methods has worked best for Jericho?” could also allow for some important information to be tallied.

CBS/Fan Interaction

While there is a thread on the Jericho message boards, it seems as if whoever is running Jericho Fan Central is not interacting with fans in any real fashion. Fans want to be able to know that their suggestions are being heard, and that they can have a voice. Any sort of fan input projects or even more posting on the Jericho Message Boards would go a long way in getting fans to visit the site.

A Voice for the People

Admittedly, fans don’t just want to be polled: in fact, some Jericho bloggers might be great contributors to the site. Fan Central offers links to various websites, but the authors of those websites are also people who could write some great pieces of anecdotes about their Jericho experience.

Focusing on Individual Fans

Some Jericho fans have made immeasurable contributions, and people like Jane at JerichoMonster have been interviewing them and giving them Fan of the Week awards for a while. This seems like a great thing for Fan Central to do, as it would provide something that isn’t provided elsewhere.

Not to toot my own horn on this issue, but my own piece of the “Jeriatrics” is a perfect example of something I’d like to see in Fan Central: articles that focus on the people that saved Jericho from a unique perspective. This is something that would be perfect for Fan Central. While Shaun O’Mac’s daily posts are enjoyed by fans, he’s definitely not the only super fan out there!

The Goal

To Jericho fans, the goal of Fan Central is to reflect the amazing contribution of the men and women, young and old, who saved Jericho and who want it to continue. While a self-congratulatory tone might be going too far, I think that the goal of Fan Central should be to inform old fans and new fans alike about what makes the Jericho community so fantastic. The production blog already covers discussions of the show itself, such as its cast and crew, so Fan Central needs to find its own focus.

I think that the fans have spoken, and their view is that Fan Central needs to be a more interactive experience. As of now, outside of a few features, it doesn’t have anything that can’t be found on the message boards or on any other Jericho fan site. While it might take some work, I think that a more proactive approach to Fan Central can do a lot of good. Other sides, such as Jericho Monster, have turned fan interviews into a daily affair that draws fans together in their love of the show.

In time, I believe that Fan Central can do the same on an even grander scale.

[Are there any other ideas that Jericho fans have for Fan Central that aren’t reflected above? Leave them below!]


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6 responses to “A Wish List: What Jericho Fans Hope For from CBS’ ‘Fan Central’

  1. Thank you, Myles, for this article and for the mention of JerichoMonster. Fan Central is fanless right now but really could be a wonderful place especially for attracting new viewers. Imagine coming there and seeing some of RubberPoultry’s fan created artwork or poems or games as well as Fan Fiction. We have so many talented Rangers so why limit their creativity to the CBS board alone? It would also be a landing zone for new fans to see instantly that there is a lot happening and a wonderful promotional tool that we all could spread far and wide.
    Thank you again for your efforts for Jericho.

  2. terocious

    I am so gald to see this article come together.


  3. hawksdomain

    I completely agree with Jane. CBS needs to add something for all of the creative works that the fans have been doing since day 1. Rubber Poultry is our most vocal artist, but there is also Mister Cosmic and Dang Rabbit who worked with Jeff Knoll on the publication ads. CBS needs to acknowledge the fans a bit more. Yes, by giving us the 7 episodes that was a start and creating Fan Central was a move in the right direction. I think it would be wonderful to have Fan Central have a ‘Fan of the Week’ section. If they do not want the responsibility of picking the active fans, set up a poll and let the other fans decide.

    And double kudos to you, Myles. It would be simply awesome to have some of our ideas even acknowledged, to know that CBS is at least listening…

  4. judist63

    Its about time! We have worked so hard to help and would love to have CBS listen to us again! Just give us a shot and let us help! We are capable and very ingenious people. Listen up CBS!
    Myles, thank you so much for having such a wonderful insight into what we want and how we want to do it. If CBS would pay attention to the boards as much as the rest of us and you do for that matter, maybe they would see what needs to be done and how much more we could help to keep Jericho on television.

  5. Gale

    I agree, it is pretty repetitious and “old news” on FC, but CBS seems to be listening more and more, and I’m sure it will improve with time. Thank you Myles for your time and dedication to Jericho and its great group of fans.

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