Entourage – “No Cannes Do”

You know, outside of an extremely lazy episode title, last night’s episode of Entourage was actually quite good…okay, that was kind of a lie, I’m ambivalent towards the episode as a whole. But KANYE was there. I’m biased towards Mr. West, and perhaps I’m biased against Entourage recently.

The episode had some decent plot progression, but my general complaint is that I feel as if it will all be rewritten in time. While I like the return of celebrity cameos, I feel like they’re being used as distraction from the fact that we spent yet another episode in pre-Cannes mode. I think that they earned this episode in comparison to the entirely non-Cannes episodes that preceded it, but I still tire of the delays.

But even what happens in the episode just gets erased in the end, or perhaps eventually: Ari and his wife resolved their fight by the end of the episode, the Entourage were off to Cannes without a hitch within hours of the airport closure, and this episode might as well have not happened…except for the apparent resolution of the Anna Faris storyline.

I say apparent because I’m not convinced that it’s over: in order for there to be drama at Cannes, there absolutely needs to be a split of Eric and Vince. It’s inevitable: after ending 3.0 with Ari and Vince breaking up, I think that Season Four (However long it ends up officially being after next year’s episodes) will end in the split between the actor/manager combo.

Which is why I’m unlikely to be saying goodbye to Anna Faris immediately. We have nothing but E’s hear say evidence as to her firing him, or having no chance at a romantic future: unless she suddenly had to go shoot a movie, getting rid of her offscreen like that doesn’t make any sense. I may have a bit of a harsh opinion of the series recently, but my view is that Doug Ellin and company aren’t that stupid.

The show doesn’t have enough drama inherently found within Cannes to survive without any of it. Cannes, like Sundance, represents a place where that drama will be heightened, and it makes sense for it to be E and Vince’s creative differences that are most effected. This is, after all, the film that created the rift if you will. Which is why I’d expect Eric setting off on his own with Anna, following the Cannes premiere.

But that’s just speculation: for now, everything seems rosy for the Entourage as they fly to Cannes. With Kanye.

In Review

– While I’d normally lament Drama and Turtle literally shuffled off into a silly sideplot…okay, I still lament it, especially since Turtle got the best line (“I’ve seen 24, Drama”). Come on, writers: you let Turtle PERSONALLY know Kanye West, and Drama just gets to fawn over Sydney Pollack? Uncool.

– While I like Perry Reeves and all as Mrs. Ari, I’m getting a little tired of her being shoe-horned into storylines that she wouldn’t have been in the past. She was a perfectly good character as it was, but now she seems (As I’ve said in the past) shrill and vindictive in her shopping ways.

– Lloyd’s jealousy, meanwhile, was still a little bit unfortunate in terms of removing the character’s self-confidence. However, he was also both considerably funnier and more rewarding within the episode as a whole.

– Anna Faris absolutely cannot go out on “I don’t understand” when what E said was entirely understandable. I know that E is trying to get in her pants and all, but she both seems a) vaguely interested in Eric and b) tentative about the movie. I know he lied to her by being loyal to Vince…but his end allegiance fell to her. Why would she fire him over that?

– I don’t know what it is about famous directors appearing on this show, but they all seem to do a really good job of “acting” within the universe. Sydney Pollack did an especially good job, especially with his anti-Ari speech of sorts. He actually has a comedy guest acting past, guesting on both Will & Grace and Mad About You…and the Sopranos? Man, he gets around.

– Also, very nice to hear a new Kanye song premiering at the end of the episode (I presume), and Kanye was certainly game for his cameo. I’m pretty sure that Kanye is game for any sort of shameless self-promotion. And that’s why we love him.


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3 responses to “Entourage – “No Cannes Do”

  1. Gary Cooper

    Man, Turtles 24 line was tooo much! And Kayne was totally all about the self promotion in his cameo. His new song made for a nice conclusion to the episode.

    Do you think Walsh actually thought Anna was a good actor? It sounded like he was just playing her. I mean come on, Scary Movie (although mildly funny) has little to no decent acting.


  2. Tangela Suda

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