Canadian Idol – August 28th – The Top 4 Results Show

After three straight missed shows thanks to job training, I’m finally back to being able to watch tonight’s episode of Canadian Idol. However, thanks to said training, I got back only to find that the recap was already done, so I’m still fairly in the dark regarding what occurred on last night’s show except for Jaydee and Carly Rae’s performances which are on YouTube.

As a result, while I know the four songs that those two sang, I’m entirely in the dark as to whether Brian continued his upward trend, or whether Dwight did enough to be able to keep Jaydee from taking his spot in the semi-finals.

I do know, however, that Paul Anka is both extremely short and oddly worshipped by the Canadian Idol audience. I don’t really understand it: he might be Canadian, and he might still have a voice, but it just doesn’t click with me.

The show also featured a really awkward conversation at the mansion where Brian, Dwight and Carly Rae are talking about songwriting, and Jaydee just sits there staring at them. It really emphasizes the divide at this point in the conversation: we have three guitar-playing singer-songwriters and basically a Grand Ole Opry act gone bad.

The Results

The four stand in almost all black, looking really quite classy if you don’t mind me saying. The judges offer their words of advice: Sass speaks to Carly Rae touching people, Jake tells Jaydee that (in two years) he’ll be a huge success, Zack commends Brian on his growth, and Farley tells Dwight to keep growing his artistic side. And then we immediately, like two seconds after a commercial, go to another one.

However, when we return we learn that the Idol who received the fewest votes is…

Dwight D’eon

This isn’t surprising: Nova Scotia can only pull an Idol so far, and compared to Jaydee he just doesn’t have the same teen girl charm. He was actually probably the only entirely locally driven competitor. This is actually moving similarly to last season, to an extent, as Carly Rae is basically riding as the only final female contestant remaining. Eva Avila and Melissa O’Neill both did the same and rode into the finals, but they also had tween girl appeal.

Carly Rae doesn’t, and Jaydee does, so this is going to be a tough week overall. [Also, was Dwight this uninterested last night, or is he just phoning it in because he’s angry? I can’t really tell]. I’d say that Brian is the obvious choice to go home next week, unless for some reason Jaydee manages to take a tumble. The show hasn’t seen an all-boy final since [Oooh, Pushing Daisies commercial on CTV! Oh, right, Canadian Idol] the first season, and I don’t think it will happen again.

Either way, farewell to the Nova Scotian…and hello Semi-Finals.

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