Canadian Idol – Finale – And the Winner is…

After Avril Lagine.

After Eva Avila.

After Bon Jovi.

After the Clip Packages.

After the Repeat Performances.

There was two Idols.

Brian Melo.

Jaydee Bixby.

Only one could become.

A Canadian Idol.

The Canadian Idol is…

Brian Melo.

Wow. I’m honestly a tiny bit shocked here. Canada embraced what can only be described as a relatively bland rock singer, in the tradition of Ryan Malcolm, as opposed to the honky tonk wonderkid from Alberta. There is no “story” to Brian Melo, which means that he won entirely based on not being Jaydee.

And honestly, I’m actually kind of impressed with Canada right now. Mind you, if we were going to crown a winner that wasn’t Jaydee, I’d much rather have seen Carly Rae be the victor. However, in a year where a crappy Top 10 could have brought forward a far worse final winner, I’m more than happy with someone who would choose to sing Karma Police.

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  1. hello avril you are super i am from slovakia (europe)

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