Cultural Learnings’ 2007 Emmy Awards Preview

On September 16th (Which is, coincidentally, tonight), the stars of television will gather together in Los Angeles for three hours of self-congratulation and lavish ceremony in which winners will be crowned, losers will be mocked, and hopefully some history will be made. And, after a few months off the job so to speak, Cultural Learnings is back with all the Emmy coverage you could ever possibly want.

Over the past week, we’ve taken a look at some key stories to watch out for during this evening’s ceremony. These stories don’t cover everything, but they give everyone an idea of what to expect.

We can also expect to see some spectacle: a rap battle between Kanye West and Rainn Wilson (The Office), a Broadway tribute to The Sopranos, and an opening musical number (maybe) featuring Ryan Seacrest. Plus, rumors continue to fly about Dick in a Box making its Emmy debut after winning an award last weekend.

The bulk of Cultural Learnings’ coverage of the Emmys will come in the form of an extensive Live-Blogging experience covering all the glitz, all the glamour, and all of the indignant anger sure to come when my favourites don’t win their respective awards. So check back later tonight for that.
For now, here’s all of Cultural Learnings’ coverage over the past week. Enjoy, and hope to see you this evening. If not, enjoy the show!

Cultural Learnings’ 2007 Emmy Awards Preview

Day One: How ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Could Win a (Televised) Emmy

Day Two: Much Ado About Scene Stealers in Supporting Comedy

Day Three: Dynamic Duo: Lost’s Emerson & O’Quinn

Day Four: Comic Contenders – 30 Rock and The Office

Day Five: Why CBS Wishes it was the Home of the 2007 Emmys

Day Six: Cultural Learnings’ Final Emmy Awards Predictions

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